Crappy DInodirect experience again

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Crappy DInodirect experience again

So, again crappy DInodirect experience for me.... Im on tight budget and thats the only reason I buy from Dinodirect.

If I had enough money, I woudnt be crazy to buy from such place.

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gorann wrote:

PS: ALso, they told us here to put positive reviews fdfor some crappy giftcard, they didnt send it too, I sent screenshots to 3 different instances, emails, chat etc...)

All those problems and yet you wrote a positive review about them to get a 'crappy giftcard'?  Unless I'm mis-understanding that, I'll remember never to take your advice about anything...



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Did it make you feel like this

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I think I'm about ready to wash my hands from their evil doing.  They haven't a clue to what they are going to send you regardless of what you order.  Then after they knowingly screw your order up, they want to settle you down with a gift card.  Heck why bother going through the crap?  I honestly could care less if they go out of business.  If they would just send people what they order the first time, it would be different.  But they refuse to even do that.