Review: DX Powerlight HX-G011 1W 1xAA (DX sku 2089)

Powerlight HX-G011 (Silver)

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★☆☆



Battery: Single AA
Switch: Reverse Clicky
Modes: Single
LED Type: Generic
Lens: Plastic
Tailstands: Maybe
Price payed: $4.28



  • Very long battery life
  • Very affordable
  • Small and visually attractive


  • Highly variable build quality
  • Not anodized for hardness

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Review: Romisen RC-N3

This is another small review......again not going to bore the members here with lux readings and runtime graphs since i dont have any way of measuring both.  But what i can tell you is my experiences with the light.  This is a Q5 version that i bought from Shiningbeam since he was the only person that was carrying the Cree Q5 at that time unlike Dx which was selling the P4 version.  The N3 is a versatile light taking 2 AA's and one primary cr123 and also will handle rcr's of the 3.7 volt variety.  I have used this light in the rain but have not submerged the light in a dunk test.  In 2AA configuration i get about 3hrs of runtime, this of course depends what cells are used, in pocket rocket mode i get about 30-35 minutes which is not bad at all for me.



Battery: 2 AA Or Cr123-RCR 3.7volt cell
Switch:  Forward Clicky
Modes: 1
LED Type:  Cree Q5 XRE
Lens:  Glass Lens
Tailstands:  No
Price Payed:   

In Cr123 format its small, the other lights in the pic are also of the same variety except for the last light on the end which is an AA light.

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Review: Romisen RC-A4X Q5

Im not going to bore you guys with lux numbers and graphs since i have no programs or light meter to go by.  But i can tell you my experiences with this little light.  For the price its well made like all there other lights- o-rings came lubed, no fingerprint smudges on the lens, and its a forward clicky with one mode, and the best part is the light has a clip installed which is removeable of course.  They do make a 2 mode version but i hear that the single mode is brighter so of course it was the light for me.  I ordered the light from Bryan over at shiningbeam and he also carries the 2 mode as well.  The light can use primaries and rcr's but if you want a little pocket rocket then go with rcr's.  I didnt like the screws that held the clip in place so i opted to put in two button head metric screws and some loctite.  I will be posting whitewall beamshots a little later when it gets dark here.



Battery: CR123 or RCR  
Switch: Forward Clicky  
Modes: 1  
LED Type: Cree Q5 XRE  
Lens: Glass Lens  
Tailstands: No  
Price Payed: 21.75  

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