NEW Archon S24V review (not released yet!)

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Mark Pilzer
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NEW Archon S24V review (not released yet!)

Hi guys,
today I review the brand new Archon S24V, first look!!

This is a video light which I find very convenient, small sized with only one 26650, and an output of 2400 lumens! But still providing an extremelly long runtime of over 4 hours, take a look at the runtime test!

Then we have the Ball joint! very nice accessorie together with all the included components and the package itself.
The light has an integrated over-discharge protection for the battery! This means you can use unprotected cells and not worry about over discharging them. This is a great feature not found in many lights!

The switch is the usual Archon magnetic Push switch, I find it very convenient to opperate as it switches quite easilly, but still hard enough to prevent accidental switching.

It is powered by 4pcs Cree xm-l leds with a max output of 2400lumens cold/neutral-white light, and 2 xp-e red leds, with an output of 200 lumens red light.
See the underwater opperation here!

It has a 2 O-ring design, the O-rings are very thick and came well lubricated!
The thread is short and clean cut.
Both negative and positive contacts use a spring for ideal contact.

The battery included is a 4000mAh 26650 protected li-ion battery, the charger has a 1A output and was a EU plug in my case.
Included in the set is the light, ball joint, battery, charger, a wrist strap, spare-O-rings and an english user-manual.

See the review, unboxing and underwater video here:
And see the Runtime test here:

Thanks for reading this!

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Thx for review but did you actually measure light output.
There is no way it outputs 2400lm for 4h powered by 1 4000mAh LiIon
It would be about 600lm/W which is impossible (4000mAh, 3.7V nominal, 4h run time so rounding 3.7 to 4 we get 4W pushed to LEDS)
For me if you get 500lm OTF (700-800lm on LED) that’s all.
It may have initial burst to ~2000 for 30seconds or so at the beginning but then it needs to drop to run for 4h.

Mark Pilzer
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Hi, haven`t measured it.
I don`t believe it reaches 2400lumens, but I think it is around 2000. While diving it with my Archon D11V it seems to be much brighter, at least double the output.
Take a look at the review video for comparison of the 2 lights at 1:45.
If you take a look at the runtime test you will see it dims over time. And at around 2h40min it switches to Low-mode, I was told the low-mode is activated at 3v, I believe it is higher. But beeing honest this “energy-save” mode is quite usefull as in my opinion it gives you a much longer runtime (obviouslly less output), still I believe the day will come where you will be happy for the extra mins of light.

Also to note, when it is about to enter low-mode it flashes a few times (3-flash sequences) as a warning, and then it switches to low, in the video you can`t see it unfortunatelly.(it was filmed with a 30sec time-lapse)