~ My tribute to a great man.. Justin, aka: OldLumens.

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~ My tribute to a great man.. Justin, aka: OldLumens.

~ Regardless of my own life’s issues this year, i will pay a great tribute to a man we all looked up to.. A man we all learned a great deal from, & respected as a cherished member of this great community known as the BudgetLightForums. The loss of Justin hits many of us, especially his loving wife & family. From the first day i joined this great community i looked up to & learned a great deal from OldLumens.
To you Justin, the light you built that i have & will always enjoy your craftsmanship & awe-inspiring skills will glow on moonlight mode through the entire Christmas season next to my tree along with the steam-pipe light glowing that helped me acquire your masterpiece. We all will miss you Justin, and your contributions here will never be forgotten…

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A tear dropped while reading the news.
A great loss to our community.

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Thanks Dennis.

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He’ll still illuminate here “til they turn the lights out”.

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I ran a 3AA Maglight that he put together for me several years ago last night. This is a tough time of year for me also. Lost a great friend from college and my mother. This community will mourn the loss of Justin, but he will also live on here forever. I wish everyone here my best, long live BLF!

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Thanks for putting this here. Justin deserves to be remembered.

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I took Old Lumens Triple 50 #7 out and shined it up into the heavens for a few minutes last night too. I wasn’t even here several years ago when Justin was really active, but the legacy he left is so evident to anyone who spends much time here. You can read his old posts and easily see the tone of friendliness and helpfulness he set, and how those same influences echo throughout the site. We truly all owe him a debt of gratitude for making BLF what it is today, and we all owe it to him to continue that sense of community and sharing that he is known for.

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What a nice tribute. Although I didn’t know him personally, It’s still hard to think we’ll never hear from him again. He’s always been a kind soul to all. RIP Justin

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A good way to remember him would be to dig up a random old thread of his and give it a read. The master/slave mod thread with techjunkie is what brought me here originally but there are too many others to count.

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let his lights shine bright as they are and it is as it is one more again for a long time

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RIP dear Justin.

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My God, Justin died? Shocked

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Franz wrote:
My God, Justin died? Shocked


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aginthelaw wrote:
Franz wrote:
My God, Justin died? Shocked


Ow, that was sad!

Hes with God now.

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I did not know him. But I have lost a dear friend I met at these forums too. RIP Justin. You will be missed.