Charger/Analyzer for Measuring Discharge Energy (mWh)

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Charger/Analyzer for Measuring Discharge Energy (mWh)

I am testing NiMH AA cells to determine their cycle life, e.g. how many times they can be recharged before their capacity drops below 80%.

I am currently using 4 SkyRC MC3000 hobby chargers running 24/7 (16 cells at once), but because of the slow progress of my tests I am thinking of expanding my setup to accommodate more cells.

Does anybody know of any good round-cell charger/analyzer capable of measuring also discharge energy in mWh, other than the already mentioned SkyRC MC3000?

Cycle count tests of AA batteries -

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I suggest it would be a mistake to use more than one type of tester in case of some type of variation between units. Fewer variable means better data.

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