Zoomie/TIR for nighttime photography?

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Zoomie/TIR for nighttime photography?


Recently a new fellow at ForoLinternas came asking about a tool for nighttime photography. He needs a light with overall nice light output distribution, you know, TIR or zoom torches. I also spoke with him about CRI, standard illuminants and stuff like that, and he agrees a high-CRI emitter is a must. Also, it would be quite nice if all of the available driver modes were PWM free, I believe.

I've narrowed down the search to some sort of 26650 host, preferably. With a high-CRI 219C R9050, XM-L2 CRI90+ or triple 219C (no matter if it is a zoomie, its the flood what matters), what would be your recommendations?

One of the reason I've gone the 26650 way is the guy likes the Warsun X50/X65, and the fact that, with this format, a completely PWM-free LD-29 driver could be used. 


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These are very nice:
No tint shift, but a bit cooler than 4000K i.m.o.
Maybe contact seller for 100 pieces reel cutting (tape).

These are more practical, but you’ll need a boost driver:

Both options are not easy to put in a flashlight though…
But your photography question made me think of these Osrams. Smile

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As Jeromemel touched on with the COB suggestion – does he specifically need a FLASHLIGHT?

Because if his need is just a high-CRI LIGHT SOURCE, his options are more open, and something other than a flashlight may suit his need better. For photography you often want a physically large light source to create diffuse lighting (hence umbrellas in photo studios). Light emitting from the small head of a flashlight (no matter how floody) is essentialy a point source and will cause harsh undesireable shadows. If he is open to ideas such as using high-CRI COBs or SMD strips for a light pannel, etc that will give him more options.

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Is this for portrait/studio (short exposure) or light painting (long exposure) photography? I find that using beam diffusers (such as the Convoy diffuser – review link in my signature) or just waving a floody light around during a long exposure will result in even light distribution. PWM is not an issue unless you are using video, or exposures are short.

Below is 3x Convoy S2+ with 1A, 4C, and 7A tints (at 10% power) with diffusers.

Below was created by waving a LED Lenser P7.2 (I think) around in a circular motion during a long exposure.

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I used a modded Supfire M6 with three MT-G2 LEDs for the first two photos in this OP: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/40927

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3 Nichia run at 1.8A with a 26650 host will be a lot light.
Depending on how he want to light a mule or TIR will be good

Professionsl or hobby camera lights are build COB or a panel with an array