Review Lumintop SD4A and Prince Mini @AA/14500

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Review Lumintop SD4A and Prince Mini @AA/14500

My name is Eryk.
Since some time I write a review in the Polish language.

I decided to try to put my review on your forum.
Review is fully translated by “google translator”, so you can find a few bugs.

Do you like this form? It is clear and easy to read?
Let me know in the comments!

Link to reviews on YouTube.

More than four months ago I tested the flashlight JetBee JET – I MK-powered fingers AA or 14500 cells.
Today we will test a two flashlights from Lumintop, more precisely model and Prince mini SD4A. The first of these is supplied 1xAA / 14500 and the second 4 x AA. Many people choose precisely this kind of power flashlights – because of the easy access to the battery.

Detailed information and technical specifications of the model Mini Prince can be found here:

While SD4A here:

Link to Prince Mini store Banggood: (reflink)
Link to SD4A also Banggood: (reflink) – two LEDs to choose

Both models have discount codes. Those interested invite you to contact PW – do not share discount codes public. I also encourage you to buy from my links.

Together with a friend @ Krul-Mateusz we invite you to join on our FB

Here we go!

Flashlight, we get a very typical for this manufacturer ecological packaging (pictured There is also a package model SDmini)

On the back of the packaging SD4A some technical information

In the package you will find:
- flashlight
- instructions
- O-ring
- Leash on wrist
- Battery holder

Quick Start Guide, etc.

So it looks packing Prince Mini on the back

In the package you will find:
- flashlight
- Cardboard packaging and in it:
- Two O-rings
- Case with logo Lumintop


I really like the approach Lumintopa attached to instructions. Very minimalist. Light made of copper and metal coated carbon-

We go to description Lumintop SD4A

From the top is quick with AR coatings with high light transmission, in my case the LED XP-L Hi. Probably choose LED XP-L Hi’ll get a flashlight in a version with a smooth reflector SMO, while the LED XM-L2 OP textured reflector. On the reflector I have not found any dirt etc. LED very well centered. Sorry – only LED color Cold

Below a nice metal ring with cutouts theoretically prevent rolling flashlight – enough in theory. In practice, this is only for visual effect.

Next two buttons, one to turn the flashlight, the other to change modes. Click clear and audible. The controller will describe later in this review

On the side of a very distinct ribbing allowing better heat exchange with the environment. Here we also find a place on a leash on the wrist. I’d prefer a string attached at the bottom of the flashlight, but that is my opinion. Handle with soft knurling

We do not have direct access to the controller. From the driver thin and small spring (probably the worst part of the whole flashlight). The flashlight is powered by 4xAA, and so we find in the middle basket on four fingers. Unfortunately, the batteries are loose and it can be heard. It is something to tie them, or do not listen

Basket can be inserted in both directions.

Well thread quality, although this is not the level of such Acebeam EC35. Well lubricated.
At the bottom of the flashlight manufacturer does not put any additional information, eg. A rabbit, a pity.

Now I will discuss Prince Mini, and to issue driver will go at the end.

As in the fast SD4A top AR coatings, hereinafter SMO reflector, LED this time XP-L (in SD4A – XPL-Hi), of course, well-centered and cold

I mentioned at the outset, that the torch is made of steel and copper. From the top of the stainless steel manufacturer’s logo (Rabbit) and the model name. Below the belt of copper (I thought it was brass).

Prince mini factory is equipped with a clip. The clip is pretty hard and I do not recommend unscrewing the flashlight from the side of the clip. Pushing hard enough, that we can bring after several exchanges cells to damage the thread. The central tube is made of copper. Coated carbon fiber – which I think looks great.

As is the case in most of the branded flashlights, we can forget about easy access to the controller. We have at least mechanical protection against reverse inserting the cell.

The cap is finished with a pattern. Personally, this element throughout the flashlight I like the least, this is my opinion.

Thread nicely done, it is not as thick as in JetBee I wrote about at the beginning. well lubricated

At the bottom of cap manufacturer’s logo. Spring in the cap, good quality, hard, so it should be. The cell is stiff in the middle. Finish button is metal, modes change as flashlights Convoy (half-cliques).

Weight model without SD4A cells is 177g, while the cell is up to 281g

The Prince Mini looks like this: no cell 76g, 101g with AA, with 14500 XTAR 96g

Comparison of the size of JetBee JET-1 MK and Lumintop Prince Mini

And here turn Acebeam EC35; Lumintop SDmini; JetBee JET-1 MK; Lumintop Prince Mini; Lumintop SD4A

Photos meter from the wall Lumintop Prince Mini / JetBee JET-1 MK (better focus, however, has JetBee)

Here SD4A and NiteCore MH27UV – comparable, however, with a predominance of Lumintop

Photos in the field. Camera settings ISO-200; f / 2.5; 2s
20 meters from the tree:
Lumintop Prince Mini powered 14500

20 meters from the tree:
JetBee JET-1 MK-powered 14500

Lumintop SD4A

NiteCore EC4

NiteCore MH40UV

We’ll start SD4A. Flashlight powered by 4x AA, 26650 is too long.
You probably will not find here protection against high temperature – not leaving a flashlight for an hour motionless in the highest mode, nothing should happen.
If you insert a link other than the 4x AA it is probably a mechanical protection against reverse polarity.

- The flashlight turn on the lower button (the last mode memory)
- Single clique upper button changes modes sequentially in a loop (for XP-L HI of the table)

  • Low 35lm
  • Average 310lm
  • High 510lm
  • TURBO 920lm (in Pause mode, the end of the link). Here, a little curiosity in the transition mode TURBO is a short delay (less than 0.5s), I do not know why that is

I did a test length of action on 4x AA of Eneloop 1.2V 2000mAh.

  • Voltage total at the start 5,6V
  • After the hour torch mode beat one down. LED button in the bottom began to flash green (voltage on the cells out of the total of 3.7V flashlight)
  • After a further 10 minutes captures torch mode for low (no moon), the LED in the button lights steadily green (voltage 3.3 V).
  • Including after about 3 hours the test voltage on the cells was 3V (a small current that the LED dims when the green LED “flash”), with such tension was not much light.

- Bottom button turns off the flashlight

- On off flashlight

  • Hold the bottom button 3 seconds – turns the moon (and clicking the bottom (or top) button instead turn off the torch passes in the last saved mode for example. TURBO (misunderstanding))
  • On off flashlight hold the top button 3 seconds – turns mode STROBE (then click one and the same situation)

- Switched on the flashlight

  • Hold the upper button 3 seconds and turns on the mode “Aviation Signal” mode or “lighthouse”
  • Hold the bottom button 3 seconds and the mode activates SOS
    (The same situation after leaving the strobe mode as above)

- On or off the flashlight turned on – click two buttons for 3 seconds and turns protection against accidental switching on. Likewise disable protection. Enabling and disabling protection – flashlight informs us about five flashes.

In my opinion – the driver extensive, but very easy to learn, unnecessarily just after the exit of each mode moon, strobe etc. passes in the last saved mode.

I go to the description of Prince Mini. Here, the driver is definitely easier to master.
The controller has a mechanical protection against reverse polarity of the cell.
We turn on the flashlight switch on the flashlight so. Always starts from the lowest mode.
Half-clique change mode (low, medium, high).

For cell XTAR 14,500th Lumintop Prince Mini / JetBee JET – I MK.

  • Low 0,05A 12lm / 0,03A
  • Average 0.3A 72lm / 0.27
  • High 500lm 1.35 (for 1 min) / 1,7A
    Lumintop shortly after the start reduces current to 1.25A. After a minute equal to 0,6A (and 120lm) and so remains almost to the end. Equally 1h15min protection in the cell is activated and turns off the flashlight.
    We remember that JetBee did not have any protection against high temperature, the time was very hot, and very briefly shone in the highest mode.
    When supplying 14500 – wins Lumintop.

For cells 1.2V AA Eneloop. Lumintop Prince Mini / JetBee JET – I MK.

  • Low 0.14 / 0.01A
  • Average 0.7A / 0.27
  • High 0.78 / 1A
    The situation definitely looks different for AA. Here the two flashlights shine to the end of the same power. Unfortunately, the distribution of modes in Lumintop is fatal. High vs. average difference less than 0.1A. In this field, however, definitely wins JetBee, to the end takes almost evenly 1A, a lower mode is well balanced.

High resolution photos:

Link to my table power consumption tested flashlights (soon will be rebuilt, because I ended Aug. place):

Finally, a brief summary
Reviewed flashlight is an expense of my code around 140-160zł. That’s a lot, but sometimes we can buy these flashlights at a lower price.
When SD4A showed my dad, or a colleague for the first time found that it was very cool flashlight.
Control + power (in terms of availability) solved is pretty cool, except for activating the last mode after exiting the moon like. I have found in this flashlight larger miusów outside discussed the transition from the moon to the last mode, or loose cells in the tube and may be weight.

Prince mini – is beautiful, wonderful, etc.. The materials used are copper and stainless steel. Materials that once were regarded as something normal today include the class of “premium”. Visually it is really fantastic. We will not find here protruding elements, the only thing we have to consider this very clip.
Returning to technical matters. Well solved protection against excessive heat, which automatically extends the usability of a flashlight that runs from 1× 14500.Mysle that these 500lm fairy tale. JetBee at a higher intensity generates less lm (yes, yes).
The situation definitely reversed if we are talking about the power of the AA. The difference only 0.7A in the medium mode and 0.78 in the high mode is a misunderstanding. In this area, definitely wins JetBee.

The market will not find a lot of flashlights similar to Lumintop SD4A. In this field (the power of the AA) will certainly stand out. It is well made, it has an interesting controller, powered by AA cells sacrifice really long time.
Prince Mini compared to JetBee, certainly performs better in terms of time working on the 14500, AA is another question, which is a pity. It is heavier (i.e., due to the materials used, we can accept it or not) and provides worse coverage.
For some time (at least in winter) Mini Prince serves as the main EDC flashlight in my pocket. There is a small, pretty, strong.

Looking for a flashlight that runs 1xAA / 14500 worth considering as an option Lumintop, not forgetting that JetBee is still a great flashlight and cheaper by about half, and well worth considering.

Lumintop creates a cool, thoughtful and original torch – we can not refuse them.
For my part, I recommend both tested models today. I would add that because of the good prices of the models and Prince Copper IYP365 – I ordered to my collection yet precisely these two positions.

For my part, that’s all,
After the discount codes once more invited to the PM.

Successful shopping !

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Thanks for sharing your pictures and observations , Eryk .
Nice review .

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