Luminoodle - portable LED light rope & lantern

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Luminoodle - portable LED light rope & lantern

I just ran across this. Seems like a pretty cool idea.

Basically it’s a waterproof LED light rope for camping and outdoors.
Has integrated magnets for attaching, flexible clips,
and a translucent storage bag in which it serves as a lantern.
5ft length.

Raised $380k or so on kickstarter and is now sold on Amazon and a few other sites.

180 lumens.
Basic version requires (not included) usb battery supply. $19.99
Plus version includes 4400mah li-ion power supply. $39.99

Cool to see some different uses for in on google images

Got me thinking how I could make my own, better, cheaper.

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Nice idea with some practical uses, but I agree that one could definitely DIY the same or better for less. At least they give you the option of using your own power supply, which is a nice touch.

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DIY creative is good, the only is used in outdoor brightness is not particularly bright

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