Convoy L2 help

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Convoy L2 help

ok gday all hope all’s well

now I like my L6 very much but I would like the same form in a bit of a thrower so

I would like some help in what led for an L2 , I like the 5000k 5300k colour of the L6

so would like to stay with that but which led , on the sight I will buy it from has an

XML2 T6-3B 5000-5200K and a XPL HI U6-3A White 5000-5300K I just want the

one that throws further .

thanks D

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De-domed LEDS like the factory de-domed XPL-HI are better for throw.

My C8 and L2 both have the XPL-HI V2-1A. The L2 is the better thrower, which is to be expected since it has a bigger reflector and the LED is driven a bit harder.

Also, cooler tints putting out a few more lumens are reckoned to be better for throw.

TBH, I find the C8 is plenty for most things and I use it more because it’s handier, but it will depend on your needs. The L2 has tremendous endurance especially with 2 × 26650. I use my M1 more than either and it’s not a thrower.