Cree 1507N and source for budget transplant leds

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Cree 1507N and source for budget transplant leds

Found these in the clearance bin at wallmar. Cheap source of leds for experiments.

The 75W PAR30L 1000 lumens floodlight on the right has a single led, the Cree 1507N, datasheet lists it as either 18V or 36V,

[edit] i soldered some leads and measured it as 37.3 VDC when it was powered on—it might work in a spotlight with my 40V ryobi packs with a current limiter.

The 65W BR30 700 limens has 10 leds with a couple of zero ohm resistors, the voltage when lit measured 62VDC.

The G4 base T3 led landscape bulb is 12V, 1.5W, 3000K, 120 lumens with 6 leds.

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I took apart some LED bulbs and got some nice Cree COBs to play with.

Not for lenses or reflectors, but would make a nice mule.

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