will these batteries fit Thorfire s70s

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will these batteries fit Thorfire s70s


The thorfire takes 2 of them and this is not button top. I got these a little while ago and am waiting for my light to arrive on Wednesday.

Another question:

I also have the skyray king and got panas for it.(non button top)
After running the light for a while i put the batteries charging and noticed 3 of them were still at max voltage and one battery was at 3.7v….so only one battery has made connection (i didnt know i had to use button top batts on the light, got these coming my way http://www.zebralight.com/PanasonicSanyo-NCR18650GA-3500mAh-10A-18650-Li... .

so my question is, will the skyray be brighter when all 4 batts make connection vs just 1 making the connection? or will the brightness be the same but for shorter amount of time?

EDIT: after more reading, for the S70 batteries, i think ill need to either solder blob them on use magnets.

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1. Can confirm you are correct. They won’t work in series and need magnets or solder.
2. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. All my sky ray kings use 4 batteries in parallel. So adding more batteries will only add more capacity. When batteries are wired in series. Like your S70S then adding batteries will increase current/brightness

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Those GA’s you ordered for the skyray are flat top, so they may not make proper connection either. Might have to solder blob them.

Those KP’s might work ok of the positive end sticks out far enough to make contact with the battery in front of it. But yeah, a solder blob will do the trick. Just put a little flux on top of the battery first, then load up the iron with solder. I find a small chisel tip works best. You don’t want prolonged heat on top of the battery.

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Hi, I had a sanyo ga time in s70 thorfire, they work perfectly, not so in convoy L6.
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I think the GA has a slightly protruding top, they work fine in my Q8proto and SRKs
Because the top of the cells rubs on the driver magnets won’t work, but I did a continuity test on the inside of the L6, S70 and S70S all three have anodization on the inside tube so a magnet is safe in them

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thanks to all!