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Old-Lumens : The legend lives on

Hi everyone,

I’m humbled, saddened, and thrilled at the same time while making this post. I just received the most spectacular gift in the mail, and I’m happy to say that it was inspired by our beloved friend and member, Old-Lumens. From there, this work of art slowly made its way to my mailbox all the way from the Australian outback, as in, out back behind the house in MRsDNF’s workshop. If anybody ever doubted the Aussies’ abilities to make beautiful handiwork despite their handicap of standing perpetually upside down, please allow me to lay those doubts to rest, once and for all…

Looks like it cost him an arm and a leg to ship this to me, or at least the arm of his T-shirt:

I will give MRsDNF the benefit of the doubt and assume that the T-shirt was washed. Big Smile The packaging itself was so intricate and thorough that it literally took me like 15 minutes to reach pay dirt.

Just look at that beauty. That’s Old-Lumens’ inspiration together with MRsDNF’s master craftsmanship, through and through. Unbelievable. And humbling. There’s not another object just like this on the whole planet.

And here’s the business end:

The lens was so flawless and clear, that my heart dropped when I took the light out of its wrappings and thought for a good long moment that something had happened to the lens during shipment. Then my next thought was that this would be another example of MRsDNF’s sense of humor, which he has finely tuned during many years of standing upside down on his head. Silly Then I finally got the right angle and caught a glimpse of the glass. It was seriously that good, despite being delivered from the Australian outback on a bobsled pulled by a team of trained meese meece meauxe moosen mooses moose without any snow on the ground.

Seriously MRsDNF, this is a masterpiece. Thank you so much for humbling me with this beautiful gift, and for the touching memoir of Old-Lumens.

And without further yammering from a clumsy-talking forum admin, please allow me to close this post in a fitting way with a picture of the tailcap on my new light, which speaks volumes that I can not express in words:

Budget Light Forum ...where Frugal meets with Flashlight!

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Super AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful. All of it – the light, the tribute – everything.

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See what you get when you run such an amazing forum, an absolutely amazing gift such as this piece of functional art from an amazing individual inspired by another amazing individual.

Well done MRsDNF Thumbs Up

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It is a beautiful light, in both form and function. Thumbs Up

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MRsDNF is master machinist! Thumbs Up

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(just great)

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Just stunning… Much respect… But surely I desire for more pictures! Party

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This speaks volumes about the quality of this forum, its creator, and its members both past and present.

This is a good place.

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l just checked to find a fitting emoticon, found none.

Great gesture, beatiful light, nothing more to add.

You deserve it more than anyone. Thumbs Up

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That is what I call a flashlight! Good on your SB! Hope you will enjoy that. 

Thanks MRsDNF for your work! That looks gorgeous. Excellent mate! 

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Stunning artwork that found the perfect home. Thank you Justin for inspiring Steve to make sb56637 smile so Proudly!

I’m green with envy…

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This is stunning … Work of art …

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That is simply amazing…

Not only is that a stunningly skilled piece of hand-crafted lumenart but a beautiful tribute to another master-craftsman who inspired so many.

MRsDNF, you are truly a blessing to this community and there is no more fitting a recipient of a gift like this than the one who gave us all an online forum to call home. Thumbs Up

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Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words, especially toward Old-Lumens and MRsDNF. What an exceptional group of folks we have here on this forum.

Budget Light Forum ...where Frugal meets with Flashlight!

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Man o man that’s awesome! I see that XHP70 surrounded by that LUM 5-90 and instantly think Old-lumens!

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A true masterpiece and beautiful tribute! Thumbs Up
Quite stunning!

Looks like on the heavy side…
Beamshots and numbers?

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What an amazing piece of craftsmanship! It truly is one of the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen. Fantastic work MRsDNF! I’m sure that Old-Lumens would have been extremely proud of this piece of art! Thumbs Up

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OMG this is beautiful

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what a craftmanship Thumbs Up
and what reflector is being used for that flashlight? i’ve seen some like that on ceiling lamp

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This is the most amazing thing. From the heart of Old Lumens, by the hands of MRsDNF, to the honor of Mr. Admin.

I’m struggling to find words…

I miss you O-L. Crying

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Wow, spreading the love. Yet another kind gesture, Moose Thumbs Up


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we should have a lighting ceremony

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Now thats a flashlight!

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That is one sweeet light! Silly

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Well done Moose.

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Skillz and a Heart of Gold! Thumbs Up

Way to go Steve!!! Beer

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Damn, that is one fine looking flashlight! Congrats Cool Beer

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A Masterpiece from a Master Craftsman.

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The light looks awesome! Good work lads!