Powerbanks on a plane

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Powerbanks on a plane


See calculation under A3. What voltage is used for calculating a power bank’s Wh? The 18650 cells in a powerbank have a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts but can peak at 4.2 volts.

The reason for asking is that’s I’m shopping for a nice fat powerbank. 20.000 mAh or perhaps a bit higher.

The 30.000 mAh beasts are always above 100 Wh
The 26.000 mAh power banks are 109 Wh at 4.2 volts but 96 Wh at nominal voltage.

With airline approval up to 160 Wh is possible, but I want to avoid that hassle and risk that I don’t get that approval because someone is in a bad mood Smile

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I've had it with these monkey-fighting powerbanks on this Monday to Friday plane!

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I travel with large powerbanks all the time, no issues in NA or the EU. actually, my packs even have more Wh, don’t think anyone wanted to see the items so far.

(all hand luggage/carry on, obviously)

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I heard a first hand report of someone having to leave behind a power bank that wasn’t marked with capacity. It WAS under the limit, but since there were no markings, it wasn’t allowed.

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raccoon city wrote:

I’ve had it with these monkey-fighting powerbanks on this Monday to Friday plane!

Something along these lines popped into my head also.