4x XPL HI SRK, C8 Reflectors

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DavidEF wrote:
I’m not questioning your numbers, but something seems amiss when a Maglite lens and/or a hand-cut piece of Plexiglas can out-perform the AR coated lens. Flat Stare

Today I did another measurment because I was also skeptical about the 93% of AR coated glass. The only other AR glass I have is one from convoy for an C8.

So: C8 with SinkPad, max mode, battery level irrelevant but almost full:

No glass: 1096lm
Original glass: 1058lm = 96.5%
AR glass: 1085lm = 99%
Cheap plexiglas: 1070lm = 97.5%

This makes sense now I think, AR is the best of all with little space for improvement. But Plexiglas is slightly better than original non-AR. In case that someone cant find AR in the size they want, Acrylic is a very good solution that can be cut in any size…
I need to apologize for this 93% I referred to yesterday, but is seems that the AR glass I ordered is of very very poor quality….they managed to do it worse then non-AR coated…

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Thanks for the re-test. I trusted your numbers all along. I just didn’t trust that AR coating. It should never do worse than non-coated. That doesn’t take anything away from the relatively good performance of the Plexiglas, though. That 97.5% clarity is pretty good, and a lot cheaper than decent AR coated lenses! Thumbs Up

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