Review: Nitecore MT10A

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Review: Nitecore MT10A

Nitecore MT10A

Emitter Type: XM-L2 U2
Material: Robust HAIII military grade hard-anodized
Mode: Turbo,high,mid,low,lower+
Location Beacon, SOS, Strobe
Lumens: 170, 95, 48, 17, 1
Run Time: 2h45m, 3h30m, 7h15m, 20h, 102h
Battery Configurations: 1 x AA/14500 battery (not included)
Impact Resistant: 1.5 meters
Max Output: 920 lumens
Range: 170 meters (max)
Reflector: Orange Peel Reflector
Waterproof: IPX-8 (two-meter submersible)
Weight: 607 g (without battery)

This was provided to me by GearBest for review.

The MT10A is a great EDC size light with some features you don’t see in other AA size lights. I’m a fan of a momentary switch which this light has and mode memory keeps me where I like to be at all times. This light reminds me of a budget Surefire light. In the reflector you will see a cut out for the red LED great for map reading. Additionally that red LED can be used in beacon mode. As I said earlier the forward click switch on the end of the light activates the light with a click. The side switch is actually a rocker style switch which allows you to advance up the brightness range (low medium, high, etc…) by pressing up on the switch. Conversely, it also allows you to go back on the brightness range by pressing the down switch (high, medium, low, etc..). While on, pressing and holding both up and down will put you in strobe mode.

I’m not a huge fan of the pocket clip but I’m not a fan of slip on pocket clips to begin with. Olight is the exception to that, their execution is great and solid enough to make me forget the pocket clip slips on. On the Nitecore it just doesn’t fit well enough or sturdy enough to make me happy. It will move around the light with little effort and moves around when I clip the light into my pocket. The runtimes, on a fresh Eneloop, seem to be on par with what Nitecore claims.

Overall this a great EDC light. The rear click switch isn’t too mushy or firm. It provides a crisp feel and positive feedback. The side switch also works well, again not mushy or too firm. This MT10A could be a near perfect light for me if the pocket clip was bolted on. Nitecore provides minimal packaging, lanyard, holster and instructions with the light, all pretty standard stuff. The build quality is great and the threads are smooth and come well greased out of the box. Like other Nitecore products I own this one is manufactured well, quality control is good and it functions great.


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I had it for some time and sold it a year ago because has cool white tint. Pity that Nitecore do not offer NW version.
Despite the tint, actually it is very nice light with many functions.

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Owned mine since early part of the year. In the AA/14500 form factor, it’s one of my favorite EDC lights. Interface is pretty easy to learn and the tail switch makes it easy to turn on under duress. Surprised it doesn’t get more love in here, but I get that the cool tint is an issue for many.

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