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[zelee] Pulsars Random 5446 post GAW

Time for a random give a way!

Been kind of in a slump lately, and been planning on doing a give a way, but not done with that light yet. But want to maybe cheer someone else up and maybe cheer myself up.

Sitting here looking at what lights I can see and thinking of what I do have, its a hard decision on what to give away. I am having a hard time because most all are pretty hand selected and ones I dont want to keep are gone…

After a little thinking, I think it will be the Astrolux s42.

Only rule is post ONCE! if you post more than once, you will be disqualified. Oh, one more too. Must have more than 20 posts. Just in case.

Give a way will end 9/29/2017. Expecting it will not be a good day, the actual drawing may come a day, or a few, after.

Edit: new rule; anyone who says they are not in is in, but they will get a random prize if their number is drawn. Will be flashlight related, but cant be 100% on what that will be. Probably some sort of components

Another edit: A little back story. I will keep it short… A year ago Wednesday our son had a bad asthma attack. Stopped breathing for 24 minutes before he was brought back, and was induced into a comma. A year ago next Friday, we unfortunately had to say good bye to our son.
May or may not explain why I may have came off as an @$$ on occasion since I came back. Not blaming it on that, but found I do have a shorter tolerance to ignorance lately. I know I mentioned the loss of our son a few times, but ended up deleting it. There was a post I got a rude mark for for something about fathers day. I said something about this one sucking and woke up the next day and deleted it. Unfortunately, Fathers day is probably going to suck the rest of my life…

Like I said, been in a slump for a bit, and thought maybe giving something away to make someone elses day better might bring a little happiness to the coming days.

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Congrats on 5446 posts!  :BEER:

(I'm not in this giveaway.  Just wanted to congratulate you.)

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Happy Happy Joy Joy !!

That is a nice light!!
How do you like it? Are you also a sucker for 18350 lights?

(Edit: This was typed before Pulsar edited his post.
I am not a heartless bastard and am greatly sorry for your/his loss.)

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I’m not in either Pulsar but its very generous of you to have a giveaway. You joined up along time ago and have lots of posts. Have you not got anything better to do with your time? Silly


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I’m in, everybody needs another S42 to mod. this is fun, maybe ill do a giveaway.

Living that BST life.

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What the heck, not in! The S42 is one that I do not have, have the S41S and like it…

Congrats on the count, that is an awfully big number!

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Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway! I’m in. Smile

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I’m in.

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I am in.

Nick – I am really sorry for your loss, I was away from blf for a while and had no idea you had to go through that. Sad

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
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Soumil wrote:



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Congratulations on your 5446th post!
And I’m really NOT in.

I am very sorry for your loss.
Time does not heal all wounds. It just gives you an opportunity of learning to cope with things. Giving it a place.
Don’t tuck it away. Sharing joy is nice at the start of a relationship. Sharing pain can deepen that relationship.

We don’t have children ourselves.
I remember that one of the happiest moments of my life was when my wife told me she thought she was pregnant.
That was about 35 years ago, but nothing happened. I still feel the void. Can’t even imagine the pain of loosing it.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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G'day Pulsar, smile


Please accept my condolences on your great loss.


Best Regards,


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Tears here
I hope BLF will bring you some diversion .
So sad and it is very logical his birthday, dates of being in terminal danger , day of passing, father and mother days and the usual family oriented days will suck big time.
I can’t even begin to understand how bad it must feel, all the best to you and your loved ones.

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sorry for your loss.worst thing could happen.be strong.

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I’m in, thanks for the opportunity.

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Very sorry for your loss.
Good of you to share this.
I.m.o. it’s tragedy that bonds people more than happiness.
(Dutch saying: Shared sorrow is half sorrow.)
Isn’t life strange?

(i’m not in, already have 2 S41 (one black, one SS) and shipping to EU would probably be very expensive.)

O, and congrats with your 5451 posts (atm) Beer

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Pulsar, man I’m really sorry for the loss of your child, had no idea but did notice you were not on here very much a while back. Hope things get better for you and your wife.

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I’m sorry for you loss, Pulsar. The toughest thing in life is losing a loved one. Hang in there!

I’m in.

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Pulsar, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, but how fitting to commemorate the loss of his light in your life by bringing a little light into someone else’s. I would be proud to use it in his memory if I won. Hang in there.

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I’m in on this giveaway, but am sorry to hear about your situation. I’ve been fortunate enough to never lose anyone close, and I have no children, so I couldn’t ever begin to relate…

Keepin’ the “B” in BLF

Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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Man… sorry for your loss. That’s your worst nightmare. My daughter has asthma but not to a live threatening degree, and it already gets me worried a lot. Can’t amazine losing on of my kids. Hope you find a way to live with it.

I AM in. Love quads, but don’t have a S42 and it would be an honour.

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Well done on yappin’ so much Big Smile
Good to have you back Thumbs Up

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Count me in.

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Gosh, so sorry to hear. Condolences to you and rest of your family.

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l am in for the S42.

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6 months ago… it was 10:30 in the morning and I was napping as usual to help get me through the transition that happens when I take my morning meds. I had ear plugs in and realized that the commotio I heard was not a dream, but was the terrifying scream my wife. I opened my eyes looking towards the master bathroom door and saw my wife holding my unconscious daughter in her arms. My heart jumped, or sank, or I don’t really know what it did but whatever it did I hope it doesn’t ever do it again. I jumped up and tried to wake my daughter. After less than a minute she woke up. I carried her to the bed. Her body was colorless. Her lips were white. She laid there responsive but saying she didn’t feel well. This is where my story differs. We brought her to the er and she has been fine since. I still re-live those vivid images from when my eyes opened. I have jumped up from my nap in a panic numerous times since. Thinking I am hearing the screams of my wife or daughter. It’s terrible friend! I can’t imagine. There are no words. I can only offer my prayers. Asking for grace and some resemblance of peace. Thanks for the giveaway! I need to do one myself so maybe I can win this one to help with that. Big Smile

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Sorry for your loss.

I hope you will feel a little bit better, but I understand it’s hard for you.

I would be in…

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Oh man, so sorry for your loss. Sad

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Congratulations with the so many posts. I did not really notice your increased intolerance, but it’s fine anyway Smile , thanks for the explanation.
Not in for a S42.

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So very sorry for your loss. I hope the pain lessens with time.

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I respect your decision to share your experiences with us on a public forum. That could not have come easy. I don’t think I would be able to do the same. Maybe because we are all essentially strangers it seems easier to do, but you never know how the public will react.

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i’m in, sorry for the loss..

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