Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

Winners announced in post #2

Happy Holidays BLF!

As many of you know I have the privilege of working together on many wonderful projects with my friend Simon, owner of the Convoy Flashlight company. Recently we tried a new variation of the clear anodizing currently offered currently on the S2+ and the C8. This time we did it on the L2 and went about the process differently. The new anodizing process results in a much more raw machined look but despite it’s bare look it is anodized. A few samples were sent to me and a few friends. I’m happy to say we are quite pleased with the new look. That said, before a final “Go decision” is made we’d like a little more feedback.

I can think of no better group of people to give honest feedback than our BLF brothers and sisters.

There just happens to be a few more samples left from this test run so…
It’s Giveaway time! Grad

Three winners will get one of these first clear L2 samples to have and to hold.

Two of the winners will be drawn at random using the dot org site used in countless contests here.
I will choose the third based on how much I like your post. It could be the most funny, most creative or simply the person who I think deserves it the most. That’s up to me…it’s my contest. Silly
If you wish to comment in the thread but do not wish to be entered in the contest just say so when you post.
Winners can choose a complete L2 with any emitter currently available in the L2 or choose the host only if you want to do a custom build.

The rules/requirements for this contest are:

  1. You must be a BLF member who joined before December 1, 2017 December 21, 2017 to be eligible.
  2. You must say you want it in some fashion but you choose the wording. Get creative. Let’s have some fun with this!
  3. Tell us your favorite Convoy flashlight model.
  4. Winners will be expected to provide feedback on the new finish. I’m not asking for a review thread, just likes and dislikes and any specifics you want to share. This can be posted publicly or simply in a PM to me.
  5. Your first post is your entry number. If you need to say more, you can but only your first counts as your entry. Please try to keep idle chatter and additional posts to a minimum. I don’t mind an extra comment here and there but let’s not muddy the waters too much for those that want a chance to win.

This contest ends Friday January 5th at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

This contest is open to BLF members worldwide.

I’ll try to announce the winners by January 6th but these are busy times so I may need an extra day or so.
Winners will receive a PM from me and will then need to provide their shipping info.
Winners will have 5 days to respond to my PM.
If 5 days pass with no response another will be selected.

With all that out of the way, let’s have a look at this beauty! Cool
Some of you have already seen some of these pictures in the L2 thread but just in case you missed it here she is…

5ar took a lot of great pictures of the clear L2. CLICK HERE to see the entire album in high resolution.

Good luck friends and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and Convoy!

Edit to clear up any confusion. This most definitely IS anodized. It only looks like bare aluminum. Cool
Edit again: In keeping with the holiday spirit I’ve decided to change the “joined-by” requirement to the start of this contest. New date listed above.

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I thank you all for your patience and I am happy to announce the three winners of this Convoy giveaway!

The first winner is my selection based on what I found the most creative/most amusing (to me) post that met requirements 1, 2 and 3.
Requirement #4 is based on trust and I know I can trust my friends on BLF.
Requirement #5 is just a few technicalities…

Winner #1 is DoNkEyConN
I can’t in good conscience leave you to defend your land and your people without the sword of illumination needed to defeat the evil Drop bear. I’d hate to think of you stalking this beast with only Vegemite smeared behind your ears to ward them off. Wink

On the creative choice I can tell you that it was not an easy choice as we had several very good entries. Thumbs Up

Now for our randomly selected winners…

Winner #2 is Texas_Ace

Winner #3 is WestBam

I would like to thank every BLF member who posted in this thread for your support. This is my first time hosting any contest so thank you for bearing with me.


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Anodizing, just be clear on this!

L2? L yes I want it!

I like the S2+ blue Convoy but don’t own one. Please send one.

Thank you for this great giveaway!


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Very nice finish and very nice pictures on flickr. Smile

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Black flashlights are boring. The clear aluminum looks amazing, anodised or not. See. Want. Have.

My favorite Convoy so far is the L6. I don’t have an L2. Yet.

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Oh man that light looks nice. Even nice than the L2 I already have and love. I really like my L2, but I would certainly like a more floodier MTG2/XHP50 version of it. I’m definitely in Smile

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I don’t have a light with clear anodizing yet, and the L2 looks absolutely stunning. Definitely count me in!
Some of my favourite lights are my S2+s which are versatile and affordable.

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I owned some clear Convoy (C8/S2+) but the look of this L2 is more beautiful and hope for hotter for this size of body.

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I don’t fulfill criteria to join the giveaway competition, which is quite ok, but I just want to say that Convoy flashlights, despite being cheaper than most of the others, are what the flashlights should be looking like, and what flashlights should be, in terms of functionality. I see Convoy as LinuxMint in the flashlight world Smile

In my view, this particular flashlight and the recent S9 just confirm above.

I would mod nothing and keep them the way they are, unless new something new comes up, say a new LED diode technology or similar

Happy flashlighting in 2018 Smile

Spread love, it pays off

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That clear L2, it's sick J-Dub
A special new ano, done in a tub
With the aluminum showing through
Blows my mind, not sure what to do
Just look at those machining marks
Falling in love, think I'm seeing sparks
That body, oh look at that shine
January 6th, hope it will be mine
Simon, I ask, how do you do it?
This? he says, there's really nothing to it
I've got this company, it's called Convoy
And there's a few cool cats I do employ
So when friends at BLF make a request
We get together, put our minds to the test
They asked us to make this clear L2
Simon said, that ain't nothing I can't do
It took a couple tries to get it just right
But look at it when you get it in the light
It really is perfect in almost every way
Those guys at BLF never lead us astray
Now hit that switch but cover your eye
'Cause with all these lumens, it might fry
We've sent all the samples on their way
But there's a few left, time for a giveaway
I must be onto somethin'
Because these rhymes
They keep on comin'
There's a lot of entries from which to choose
But please gentlemen don't give me the blues
Simon and Jared won't you be my St. Nick
For I wish it to be my entry that you pick
I don't even care if there'll be snow
Just wrap this clear L2 up with a bow
Let the ePacket folks take it overseas
And put it under my tree if you please


EDIT 2 (not directly related to the contest, but I can't stop myself):
What's that, I hear you calling for more?
Great, I haven't yet dropped this mic to the floor
About Convoy, someone asks what's the skinny
I can't wait to tell 'em they're worth every penny
If you want close range there's the S2+
For throw buy the C8 to see what's the fuss
If you you want mid range, check the M1
Want a bunch of flood, the L6 is loads of fun
There's a lot of models from which to choose
Whichever way you go you're sure not to lose



Hmm, my favorite Convoy?  I have several and love them all.  A blue S2+ triple, a stripped and hand-polished S2+, some S2's, an S6, M1's, C8's, an L2...  I love my family of Convoys! Each and every one customized with a different LED, driver/firmware, and many with illuminated tailcaps.  The M1 has been my go-to lately because it's a nice balance between throw and flood and is still pocketable.  Thanks for the opportunity, Jared!


Edit: well, I let my L2 (with a FET+1 and dedomed SST-40) go home with a buddy on Christmas.  Now I'm L2-less Sad

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Wow that looks amazing!

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All the answers are clearly in the picture… Party Thanks!

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The clear just machines look is much better than the usual black.

The only convoys I have bought are a C8 (now running XHP50 direct drive with extension tube and 2 18650’s) and a S2 in blue cause misses wanted the blue colour.

Be nice if convoy did some Astrolux rivals ,the MF01 and MF02 seem very popular for new products, a rival with convoys QC and a better driver would be good sellers.

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I love Convoy L6 , it is for sure one of it’s kind Smile

I like this clear L2 , i would really want one , since i want an L2 for a very long time , just couldn’t get it yet . And this finish ? It makes it more awesome , and i want it so bad ! A fet driver and a dedomed SST-40 is waiting for it Big Smile

Thanks for the giveaway , Merry Christmas , and a happy new year !

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Well BLF'ers, it's all CLEAR to me now... "Looks like we got ourselves a




to date, my fave has been the L6._

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I’m in, thanks. I’d love to add L2 to my collection Smile
I can’t tell what my favourite Convoy is….

  • good deal on XM-L2 2.1A S2+ is such insane value it can’t be a loser
  • I have a C8 XP-L HI too, much better light, double price (actually I paid more than double, but that’s my fault). Is it a better deal? Dunno.
  • my desert tan is on the way, so I’m not judging

Either way I’ll use the space to complain about locked drivers. IMHO Stock UI is terrible for those who fail to discover the strobless mode group and bad for others. I suggest putting Biscotti everywhere….

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I have to use a torch every night i live in a rural village with hardly any street lights . I have two Huskies who love walking at night and as any dog owner will tell you whatever you feed a dog will eventually need to come out the other end of it . So i rely on a torch to get the dogs and i around on our night time expeditions and to be brutally honest to make sure i pick up all the crap they like to leave on the pavement to . Convoy are a trusted brand by me i need a reliable torch and my dogs like shiny things so a clear L2 would be awesome. Currently use a C8 So please count me in Thank you.

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I imagine nice clear thrower – just what I miss in my collection, so I want it already clearly Smile

I like most C8 for its versaltility and portability.

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Count me in, my two L6’s (my wife commandeered the first one) need company. Smile

The Convoy model that I have the most of is the S2+ (in several colors), as it is a good size for being compact, yet giving a lot of light.


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Nice light!! It L evates the Convoy brand. My favorite is my green S2+ in 4C. Thanks for the give away!!

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That is one sharp looking clear L2!

Ok, let’s give it a try (remember i’m not a native speaker, so it might not be perfect)

Last month i had to celebrate
That over a year ago, I bought a C8
Luckily it is a Convoy
Which has given me lots of joy
Because it made me find Budget Light Forum
Which separates the good stuff from the scum
It feels great to be warmly welcome on this place
That is why i BLF embrace!

I really liked my C8
Since it was very great
My Convoy was very bright
Until, upon one night
I tried to mod it, but i failed
But then, i had it nailed
I got an excuse to buy new parts
And created some more sweethearts
My favourite is my S2+ triple 219C in blue
Convoy, i love you!

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The Convoy I like the most…
possible the L6 – but the L2 with XP-L Hi is just a thrower-beast.
The S8, S2+ green , S2+ desert, S3 grey, C8 grey, L4, M2…
I pretty much love all of them. The tube-oney because they are easy to mod to triple-beasts, the M2 for the great look&feel, the C8 because… well.. C8 Big Smile

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So, I have a black L2 and a black C8 standing right next to a clear C8 and a blank spot where a clear L2 would fit perfectly. Save me from my OCD, I need a clear L2 to complete the pattern. Desperately.

Right now my favorite Convoy flashlight model is the BD06. Simple, solid, bright, and muggle-friendly. I’m giving some as Christmas gifts.

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Despite having purchased quite a few of C8s, my favorite model is definitely the L6.
If I don't win the L2, I will probably dump my L6 in Sodium Hydroxide to compensate for the loss Silly

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Looks good.

I like anything that’s not black, so it stands out!

Have a red Convoy S2 in my sights for the next project build Glasses

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Bare aluminium (aLUminum? aluMInium?) look is really nice, my c8 is a clear version an also one of my S2+, which is my favorite Convoy host. An L2 could be my new 26650 favorite. Well, it definitely will be, because I don't have any yet


I'd definitely like to enter the giveaway

In my Tree

My collectionEmisar: D4 / D1 / D4 (broken) ― Convoy: C8 Clear / S2+ Clear / S2+ / S2+ UV / S6 ― Nitecore: Tube / Thumb / Concept 1 / HC30 / HC33 / TIP / TIP CRI / TINI ― Lumintop: Tool AAA / Tool AA / HLAAA / EDC05 ― Sofirn: SF10 / SF12 / SF12 / SF14 / SF14 / SF14 / SP10A / SP10A (gifted) ― Jaxman: E3 ― UTorch: UT01 ― Trustfire: Z2 ― Skyfire: SF-065 (trashed)

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Who doesn’t like Convoy lights Innocent

My favourite so far is the C8 (XM-L2 emitter for a nice balanced beam), but I certainly would love to try a bigger thrower like the L2!

Flashlights, blades & beer
Let’s stay relatively optimist!

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Nice! It would make a good match to my clear Convoy C8’s.
Favorite model is a toss-up: C8 or S2+. Depends if I’m in the mood for throw or flood.

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The clear anodizing looks great. another finish on the wish list

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I want it ,I need it , Give it to me .I like my S2xml5C


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I’m collecting. Of course I need one Wink

I just love the green color on my S2+. Gonna stick green emitters in there too to match.