Merry Christmas and a little explaining for absence

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Look after yourself buddy and enjoy the family and friends. Take care.


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It is a Christmas miracle!! Innocent

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Welcome back!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!


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Glad to have u back, always good to take care of yourself & family 1st Thumbs Up

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He’s ba ack

Cheers David

Nothing to see here folks, move along...

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Welcome back, The Miller!


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Glad you’re feeling better, and definitely glad that you know to prioritize your health & family over the forum.

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Merry Christmas!!! .. Smile

It was good to find out through the ‘grapevine’ a couple of weeks ago that you were not dead. Hope you can get healed up & well soon. Thumbs Up

As has already been said by others…. probably a waste of your time trying to catch up with your GT backlog.

TA, JasonWW, & others stepped up and handled it superbly.

Things are pretty much going smooth as glass on the BLF end of things, as well as the LT end also.

Just waiting on shipping after LT redoes a couple of minor issues found in a QC check.

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Glad you’re still alive The Miller! Was worried about you and discussed your disappearance numerous times with my family. Take care of yourself and look forward to your future posts. You truly are an important part of BLF. Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, take care of yourself and enjoy some quality time with family. Cheers! Big Smile

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Merry Christmas, glad to hear your feeling better and thank you for all your hard work

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So glad you are doing ok TM. I honestly have no idea how you can deal with your life and all the stuff from blf projects. I’m glad your back but your health, family, and livelihood are all more important than these volunteer projects. I think your absence honestly has made it all too clear what you go through daily on these projects. I don’t see how you keep up and not go insane with the repetitive minutiae that never ends. I am happy to see that we haven’t driven you away with our insanity. Merry Christmas and God Bless

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Take care, have a Merry Christmas.

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I’m glad to hear you’re starting to feel better. Take things slow though, okay? No sense in pushing yourself too hard and getting sick again.

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Merry Christmas !

Good luck

Mua ngay den chum trang tri noi that nhap khau tai Joymart

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Merry Christmas and welcome back Smile

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The Miller is back! Welcome and a Merry Christmas.
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Welcome back and Merry Christmas!

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Glad to see you back. Thanks for checking in. We missed you. Merry Christmas. Hope you get fully better soon.

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The Miller,

Have a Wonderful Christmas, and a Happy and safe New Year. Feel better too!

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Merry Christmas, take care of you and get well soon!

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I feel you Miller, I never get sick but have had a fever the last few days myself, most of the time I floating between reality and trying to figure out how to make the pain stop with brief moments of clarity mixed in.

Luckily I am on the mend now, just trying to take things easy till I am 100%.

Although in the future I think using a team account for all the OP’s for new threads would be a good idea, that way the whole team can edit the OP should someone go MIA.

As others said, no reason for you to read all the thousands of posts and PM’s for that matter. We can catch you up pretty quickly, basically everything is pretty much done and the lights have started shipping.

As you saw, although the teams shipped before the QC checked found an issue with the fuse in the firmware, so your driver will need to be reflashed for 100% functionality and the switch cover is black instead of transparent. These were fixed before any others were shipped.

168 lights shipped out on Saturday with more planned to ship later this week. We have a total of over ~800+ orders last I checked.

I am also very happy with the production light, the ano is better and the reflector doesn’t have the specs as they promised.

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Welcome back and Merry Christmas !!!

Pls take care of yourself, we will handle the GT.

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Glad to see you’re doing well! Look after yourself and enjoy the break!

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Welcome back The Miller!! Get better, enjoy with the family and avoid stress, it will make good to you!! Wink
It’s nice to have you back Thumbs Up

Merry Christmas Innocent

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Welcome back The Miller, and Merry Christmas too!
We’ve been worried about your well being.
Take it easy. Everything is mostly under control it seems, thanks to some very dedicated and patient members.

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Welcome back The Miller! No apologies needed, glad that you are feeling a little better. Get healthy, visit with love ones and enjoy your week! Joyeux noël and have a great new year!

Doug S.

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Merry Christmas to you too! and hope you feel better soon Beer

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