HaikeLite SC01 - Large torch for large cells

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HaikeLite SC01 - Large torch for large cells

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original:

The flashlight for the test was released by Gearbest.com
Available in two colors:
Black – https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_667392.html?wid=21&lkid=1144... (my reflink)
White – https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_667393.html?wid=21&lkid=1144... (my reflink)
With discount code: HSRGB – price drops to $ 27.99

HaikeLite supplies its flashlight in a completely different form than other manufacturers. The flashlight is packed in a plastic, low-quality suitcase -plus for an interesting idea and not to imitate competition.

In my case, one of the hooks was broken, but there are two security devices here – the handle further blocks the accidental opening of the suitcase – we have to pull it as indicated on the toes.

In packaging:
- a flashlight
- USB cable (I’ll just say enough – it’s good)
- good quality lanyard for wrist
- two backup Oars
- user manual

The instruction manual is great, short and factual. It contains the most important information, no unnecessary and untrue “text”. Other manufacturers – learn!

I chose SC01 in white. The snow-white color is missing a lot, rather refers to the silver color palette. Undoubtedly, it is well made, heavy, massive, as it should be

From the front, fast with AR coatings, beautiful, clean SMO headlights, all protected by red O-rings – is very good. The LED is XHP35 Hi with cold color, and unfortunately the XHP35 Hi version is not available in a different color. This white color does not come in any other unpleasant color, just a nice white color

Speed protects the metal crown, without any problem we can unscrew it

Under the diode is not the worst, but it should be better. Unnecessary recess under the LED, and the paste was not under the ground. I suggest replacing the thermal compound, I replaced MX2

Below is the button, this button does not work somehow wrong, if we press it with the appropriate force it works quite nice, unfortunately it is terribly inaccurate, light pressing will turn off the flashlight. Generally works well but lack accuracy

On the other side an empty space, thick, massive ribbing – the flashlight has a lot of heat to drain

Under the brand name and model, the inscription is poorly visible – although it does not matter much. Matte bright color likes to catch dirt

Central tube, threading? No, it looks like an old radiator, and it is very nice in the palm of your hand

Lock with eye on the leash, on which we will put a flashlight without problems

The coil is thick and hard. The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of emergency use of 18650 cells – they fit without any problem, even without any reducing sleeve, the cell is rigid in the middle, even if we are moving

The thread on the cap side was dry at the factory, greased, going on the track of good quality workmanship, threads also do not fail.

If you look at the center tube we will not see the flashlight driver, only a separate chip charging system – if you need to replace one of the chips, we do not lose the remaining functionality of the flashlight – in short, at first glance we can observe that it is not a product that MUST spoil get out after a certain time. All easily dismantled and in case of breakdown simple to repair (if we find parts)

On the other side of the middle tube, a USB port was installed on the dry thread. First of all, it is a great solution, there is no fear of damaging the rubber plug and the lack of waterproofing, and secondly it is not a component of the controller

The charging current is only 1A, for 26650 cells? On the other hand, most cheap chargers offer just 1A. Do you see a brass ring that holds all the charger electronics? In the event of a fall, the energy will probably be transferred to a charger that is not needed for operation

The coil is thick and hard. We see a ring for driver spin – in “branded” lanterns often drivers are simply pasted. The controller has: a temperature sensor, low battery charge + protection against damage, reverse polarity protection (not tested), hidden modes, protection against accidental switching on and reportedly 91% efficiency.

We turn on the flashlight with a single click, it comes up with the memory of the last mode.
The next single click will turn off the flashlight.
With the flashlight turned on, the modes change by holding down the button. They operate in a loop: low low (so this mode specifies the manufacturer and squeaks in this mode), low, medium, high. When I first took my flashlight I thought that was all, I opened the operating manual – and we have one more mode. When the torch is on, double click fast activates TURBO!
In addition to these modes we also have a hidden strobe – when the torch is off, we have to hold the button for 2 seconds and the Strobe will turn on in TURBO mode. Trivia – if the link is not even unloaded and not loaded to “full”, we can not turn on Strobe, I have not looked at this “functionality” much more, never used it.
It is also possible to check the voltage of the cell, hold down 4 seconds on the off lantern, and give instructions on the range and amount of flashes. This option also works “so self”, terribly irritating to use it.

That’s not all, there is a second low-battery information system:
- 3.5V TURBO mode is up and running as if in average mode, one click and if in TURBO mode we entered from high (ie does not shoot even TURBO mode), when leaving TURBO to eg High brightness is much higher than when TURBO remains and its drop .
- 3.4V, sleek and High mode brightens up, it’s good to switch to medium mode or stay in that lowered mode.
- 3.2V starts flashing and you have to think about changing to low mode
- 3.15V low flashes and switch to moon (this is “low low”
- 3.1V flashes all the time
- 2.95V turned off.

Yet another thing – electronic protection against accidental inclusion:
- turn on security: we do one quick click and the other hold, the flashlight flashes and the light goes out
- disable protection: we do the same way, ie we do one quick click and the other hold, the flashlight will turn on.
This protection is still active, even if we tear the torch to, for example, exchange the link.

The instructions give 6-6.5A as the required cell yield, foreign reviews also (maybe no one tested?), My TURBO gauge with charged link, when measured on the “asshole” flashlight shows equal 7A

I also made a few measurements. I mentioned that we can put in emergency 18650, of course not to do it, but if this situation requires …
As the first graph in High (high) mode with 18650 with and without cooling (voltage at the end of the test, the voltage on the cell after taking it out of the flashlight is slightly different – this is largely due to the time I took it out). Pretty graphs, pretty flat for 40 minutes, less than 50min, then drop I wrote (security)

Comparison of the high-powered mode of the Samsung INR18650-35E and Liitokala 26650 5000mAh cell, if the start looks very similar, it’s nearly 2x better with the Liitokala 26650, largely due to the fact that Littokala is one of the better cells in the market (and the cheapest) and they just keep holding on high

I tried to test SC01 + Samsung INR18650-35E, which is 7A to start with 18650 in TURBO mode. Even quite good 18650, but of course 26650 better. This drop to about 60% is still close to 1200lm – I think a great result!

I made yet another TURBO test of 26650, this time in cold water (about 10 ° C), at the beginning the chart goes up strangely. Up to 33 minutes this temperature provides more light, then a slightly better graph with air cooling. Still, one and the other result is very good (I do not care about 100% stabilization from start to finish, I also look at the time of action).

And if anyone was wondering if the torch is water resistant. The flashlight lay for 1 hour 30 minutes in water, and kept full tightness. Previously I did the test and clicked the button under the water – then the minimum amount of steam appeared on the glass, under the water do not click!

I wrote at the beginning that a light torch does not belong. 220 grams without cell + cell mass (about 90-100 grams for 26650)

HaikeLite SC01 in the middle, left JETBeam C8 Pro, right Nitecore EC4

Photos in the field, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s

HaikeLite SC01 High

HaikeLite SC01 Turbo

Wuben T103

EAGTAC – S25L-R (due to the dimensions of the reflector glows noticeably farthest away)

Full size photos:

My YouTube review:

A few words to summarize:
I was wondering what I can write in the summary. Because, on the one hand I tested a few more expensive flashlights, where I could complain about many items. Of course SC01 is not perfect.

Requires a few fixes:
- replacement of the thermal paste under the diode (especially in this recess) – but for people who have at least once exchanged it on the CPU, GPU, etc. will not be a problem.
- Button works, hm say wrong, I can not, I used the worse, his job is pleasant, only problem with accuracy – rather a matter of habit
- To change the modes we have to hold the button, not the single click

And the advantages you will ask? The performance, bright, matte color (also available black, but all black?), The driver with everything we need: temp sensor, protection against accidental switching, I would write well thought out modes, but “moon” is rather low mode, and we do not have Direct access to the disabled flashlight.
Recently on the lights appeared a topic with damaged two MT01, it is difficult to say whether it is a case of great interest, whether the drivers have some hidden defect and whether the problem also applies to the model SC01? I am watching the subject, I hope the puzzle will be solved.

Responding to the question asked, is it worth the money? In my opinion yes, even if we are doomed to replace the controller with time, then access to it is very simple, as with all the rest of the components, the torch almost like Convoy, only “newer”. HaikeLite is available in other versions, with other diodes, 3×18650 or even 4×18650.
In short: cheap, of unusual color and appearance, well made flashlight, I recommend.

I encourage you to ask questions!

Successful shopping !
Best regards

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I don’t like spot profile, so I change to XHP35 HD 1A.
Stock XHP35 Hi
Turbo 1700LM 52,000cd
Turbo 2000LM 34,000cd
Hi 1250LM
SC01 from Haikelite Give away.


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With HD it sure is very nice!

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I recently bought an SC01. As has been described above, I encountered a switch/driver issue which requires multiple button presses for the light to turn on. Within a few days of purchase, I emailed Haikelite, and they ignored my email. I sent a follow up, which they eventually responded to but did not offer any remedy (they did ask if I would be technically able to replace the driver, but did not actually offer to send me one). Follow up emails were also not responded to. I cannot think of any reason why I would buy a Haikelite product in the future, since the company does not seem interested in resolving customer issues and is horrible about responding to email.

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Have you bought Banggood or Gearbest? – Write to them, or write to PayPal that you have a problem with the product (if you paid PayPal).

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Thanks for asking and for your suggestions. I purchased it from Gearbest, who I have found to be fair, reasonable and responsive (and they were in the case of of this purchase, but I really wasn’t after getting my money back). I didn’t want to dispute with Paypal because that would affect Gearbest. I really wanted Haikelite to step up, and expected them to since it was a known issue.

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Here’s an update regarding my experience with Haikelite after having bought an SC01 having a faulty switch/driver. After a bit of back-and-forth messaging on this forum with Haikelite, they agreed to send me a new head for the SC01, which arrived today and resolved my issue. Smile