Cop lights

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Cop lights

Responses to my local want ad for vintage Maglites had been slow, then last week two retired law enforcement officers contacted me with retired duty lights, and one personal Maglite. They provided their names and years of service so I can keep that info with the lights, and accepted what I considered fair offers for all.

On the left, a 3C dated to mid 80s, and a beat up rechargeable dept. light from early 90s.

On the right, a 5D Maglite from the early 90s – had a rubber “Safariland Grip Shield” over it that kept it like new, and a 5D Kel Light from mid 80s. I’ve never had a Kel Lite … it’s like a tank!

Yea, successful road trip just before the blizzard hit.


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Nice finds, especially the Kel Light!

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If only those LEO lights could talk, I’d bet we’d hear some interesting stories!