REAL WORLD REVIEWS - NEO Light 5 LED Headlamp (Gangnam Style)

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REAL WORLD REVIEWS - NEO Light 5 LED Headlamp (Gangnam Style)

Gangnam Style Reviews – NEO Light 5 LED Headlamp
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"GANGNAM style", a neologism that refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul, where people are trendy, hip and exude a certain supposed class, however as quoted by the performer Psy; “People who are actually from Gangnam never proclaim that they are—it's only the posers and wannabes that put on these airs and say that they are "Gangnam Style”. So as you may have guessed by now, the “Gangnam Style” reviews are all about the posers, the cheap (but flashy) knockoffs, the bling and “feature” encrusted failures of modern design and shirt-tail marketing.
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Make wit’ da photos man!

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Intended Use: Headlamp (and according to the manufacturer it will do just about everything else too)
Power Source: 2x 18650 batteries (included) rechargeable via dedicated USB-to-custom tip
Average Cost: $19.00 (USD)

Plunk down your bread and you get;

  • Plain box that said NEOLIGHT
  • Headlamp
  • 2x 18650 cells (see below for a concern about the batteries)
    • They were branded as 2800 mAH, Button Top, and claim to be a protected cell.
    • The end has a UltraFire stamp on it so who knows what kind of “quality” product you are strapping to the back of your head.
    • When placed in a Nitecore D4 charger, one cell was at about 60% (standard for shipping/storage) but the other one was nearly dead. I have a concern about that battery so I marked it for monitoring.
  • Wall Charger (custom tip) Green/Red LED
  • USB Charger (custom tip) Green/Red LED
  • Small instruction book

The 411;
Yo Skippy… look at the CLAIMS for this puppy!

  • 8000 Lumens
    • (Let’s just get this out of the way now… NO, No way, Nope! 2k lumens TOPS)
  • Charge time 8 hr
  • IPX5 waterproof
    • (maybe, but IPX4 seems more likely. You definitely do NOT want to dunk this one)
  • Main light 8hr, 4 edge lights 10hr, All 5 lights_4.5hr
    • (I seriously doubt it, but it may surprise me)

Output (Per manufacturer):
The manufacturer doesn’t make the usual style of output claims; rather they just describe the modes.
Mode 1 (Single Cree XM-L T6 in a “zoomable” optic): Basically a controlled edge floodlight.
Mode 2 (4x Cree XPE mounted in a TIR optic to produce a tight spot): distance throw
Mode 3 (Center AND Side lights together): Hot spot with some flood
Mode 4 (Strobe): why?
================================================= =================================

Once you get this stylin’ Gold and Black beauty out of the package you’ll notice that it has one button. Good, Apple proved we don’t need more than that right? So you get a nice easy to find e-switch that cycles through the modes and off (see below for more information). Because we’re cool and Rad, we don’t need to be messing around with stupid interface tricks so there is no lockout, no dimming, no memory, no other modes at all, BUT you do get a super-awesome cool red LED “tail-light” on the back side of the unit so nobody is going to walk into your butt accidentally. SCORE!

Slap this on your cap and it’s sending out a cool 2000ish lumens and if that isn’t enough for you, zoom that center light in and you get a clear, beautiful, projected image of the CREE XM-L emitter! I mean how many other lights let you show off your LED of choice like that? SHAZAM! So what if everything downrange now has an LED image overlaid on it, you can SHOW OFF the EMITTER! Just cool!

Also when the center light is zoomed out you get the awesome feeling of having a powerful unicorn-horn of light projecting from your forehead, stabbing out into the dark to terrify your enemies. If you should happen to shine that in someone’s eyes the “cool kids” will play it off and you’ll know the uncool plebes by their offers to stuff the light into various orifices.

The battery box is closed by a large, rubber, cup that covers the entire area between your head and the battery box. It seals decently and is somewhat cushy against the back of your brain box. The seal probably isn’t enough for caving or going for a swim, but good lord who’d be gauche enough for those kind of muddy, slimy, activities anyway. This is a GOLD ANODIZED light made to be SEEN so why would you take it someplace nobody is going to witness its glory?

================================================ ===================================

Going for a stroll….
When you have the Center light at its widest the nice “full moon” circle is good for targets out to about 40 yards and gives you very tight edge control so you aren’t being uncouth with your flashlight etiquette. Zooming it full out gives you a lot of projection out to about 100 yards, but is useless up close for anything other than admiring the projected image of the Cree XM-L T6.

The edge lights each have an interesting TIR optic and combine to create a good tight spot that gives really proper visibility out to a little over 100 yards. The spot is tight, but usable for distance observation.

Running both the center and edge lights gives you a better-than-expected mix, but the center hotspot is wicked killer on the eyes closer than about 20 yards so I don’t recommend it. Also if you shine that spotlight in someone’s eyes they will offer to break something for you.

As a walking light, using the center flood is really the only option and works pretty well but that light does warm up after a while. Close up work can be rough with this light ‘cause it’s bright but at least the switch is easy to use.

When I tried using this light for the usual “headlamp” functions it is surprisingly secure and comfortable for a unit this large. Seriously I did NOT think this was going to be pleasant to have on your head but the decent straps and large pressure points spread the weight out nicely. However, since the light only has one (BRIGHT) setting, using it for “in hands” stuff like reading, removing a sliver w/tweezers, and other close in work was UNPLEASANT. You can do it, but it’s pretty damn bright.

Drop the Bomb [CONS]:

  • Concerned about 18650 quality
  • Needs a “High and Low” for the center light
  • You have to move through STROBE to get to OFF (what the hell man?)
  • The whole thing is big and bulky
  • In-Light charging should be micro USB like everyone else, not custom.
  • Zoom is silly. You have the edge lights if you need throw.
  • Let’s be blunt. You look like a TOOL wearing this thing, though it looks strangely cool on a hardhat.

The Awesome Sauce [PROS]:

  • Good construction, better than expected.
  • Surprisingly comfortable once you get it adjusted
  • It does give you a lot of light if you need it. Great for playing with the dog outside
  • Very usable with gloves
  • Excellent runtimes (this is honestly a good car-repair light)

Hit me with the down low:
Once again I was ordering what I thought would be a complete poseur of a light and once again I get surprised at the overall level of quality and performance. This light isn’t any magnificent achievement, it’s kind of cool looking in a sci-fi/the Matrix kind of way but there is no denying that it is big and bulky. It seems pretty well put together and has some heavier than expected connections but has some very weak spots for water penetration that might limit its actual use in harsh conditions.
Personally I suspect this headlight will become part of my shelf-queen collection as it doesn’t really fit any of the things I tend to use headlamps for but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad light, just sort of a misfit.

A couple of levels on the main light (without PWM) and dumping the stupid strobe mode and zoom (which would improve water resistance) would take this light firmly into the 4 or 4+ Photon recommendation territory.

Final conclusion:
3.5 [of 5] Photons (Decent if it matches your intended use).
NOTE: If you are a car mechanic you may find this light VERY useful.

Tonights forecast, 100% chance of dark.

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This has a steampunk kinda look, maybe a headlamp that Renfield would use to search for flies.

Nice style of review, somewhat refreshing.


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 The right way to do a review for something that you paid for : a budget light ! Classy humor and personal feelings , in a high quality mixture ! I loved it , I'd like to see more like this... Well done , good job ! Thanks !


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Lol, thanks for the review. Here’s a video review of the same(?) headtorch under a different name:

And this video has the guy wearing it so you can really marvel at it lol:

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Nearly identical. Mine has a “push-pull” zoom not a knob twist type. Other than that they look really damn similar.

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