Sofirn SF14 - Misleading Runtime

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chadvone wrote:
You said this in post 8

“all flashlights drop from maximum very quickly, within seconds. That is even true for the D4.”

You have been given examples proving your statement is FALSE.

thank you, yes, I was mistaken, some lights, on some batteries, run in Full Flat Regulation for the entire stated runtime.

I dont consider the Orange line to be running in Full Regulation for the whole stated runtime, it clearly has steps.

If someone likes steps, thats great, they simply are not the same as full regulation for the entire runtime.

anyway, I do think runtime graphs provide all the needed info. As a separate issue, I agree it sucks to be left suddenly in the dark, without a spare battery.

Im glad that when your light leaves you in the dark, it will still turn back on in a lower mode. Armytek Pro sound like excellent lights. Especially the feature that let you choose between Full or Step mode regulation. Most lights dont offer that feature, nor do they offer Full regulation for the entire stated runtime.

Many people are surprised to learn that the Ansi spec is to 10% of initial runtime. A runtime chart dispels any confusion.

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Jon, Thank you.

I agree 100% that run time charts are the way to go. Before the ANSI standards things were really crazy. I have seen light manufactures give max lumens and then longest run time on lowest level. Really misleading.

Some of the early Li-ion lights did a good job of holding brightness until protection tripped. Then there was no light. lol
Some cells would reset on there own, some needed to be put on a charger.

As far as the Orange line that steps, if I told you that the STATED run time on primary cells was 30ish munutes, ah, never mind. I think you get what I am saying anyway.

I do like Selfbuilt’s charts because he figured to 50% output.

What is everyone’s take on PID lights?