Stratis Lumina Inspired Keychain Light (Scratch-made Light)

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Stratis Lumina Inspired Keychain Light (Scratch-made Light)

This is my first thread, and I don’t speak English, so please be gentle.
First, I want to thank the BLF Forum and all members here, I’ve learned so much from you all, I’m an active reader here.

I’ll share my mod here, I’m a fan of e-switch light because of it’s Firmware (Narsil & Anduril)’s due to its rich features, and a built-in rechargeable light.

Here’s one of my latest mod, Inspired from a thread by CRX , and this took me almost two weeks to finish and I’m very happy with the final result. I call it SLMicro Clone, or SLMicro II (CRX will sue me)   Smile


  • Sandalwood (Aromatic Wood family)
  • 1mm thick brass sheet
  • 200mAh Li-po battery 751723 30C
  • 16mm sanded Copper DTP MCPCB
  • 3mm thick copper chunk soldered under MCPCB
  • 9.8mm diameter glass lens and OP reflector (taken from Singfire SF-364 AAA Bullet Flashlight)
  • handmade 12mm brass reflector bezel ring
  • M2 brass removable nut screw (for lanyard/keychain)
  • PC-Clear Epoxy, Dextone, & Superglue

Parts (Driver, Charging Circuit, Switch, & Emitter) :

  • 0.8mm thick Driver PCB (taken from 18650 protected circuit board, and stripped of all its parts). Attiny85 MCU and Charging component is solder jump together (most are airwired).
  • E-Switch PCB is taken from TP4056 charging module.
  • Attiny85, AMC7135, and tiny Mosfet (Dual-Channel)
  • Blue 0603 Narsil standby indicator LED
  • Red 0603 Charging indicator LED
  • TP4057 Charging IC (set for 0.15A charging current). Charging voltage is terminated at 4.19V (It’s perfect to me)
  • Female MicroUSB Socket (taken from TP4056 Module)
  • Emitter is XP-G2 S3 1A 6500K (I’m a fan of cool white). I could use XP-L W2 but the reflector opening hole need to be widened, and I like the XP-G2’s beam pattern a lot.

Specs :

  • Size : 12 × 25 × 40mm
  • Weight : Not measured yet (it’s quite heavy)
  • Material : Natural Wood & Brass
  • Emitter : XP-G2 S3 1A 6500K Cool White
  • Brightness : 750 Lumens Max(Turbo)
  • Mode/Firmware : Narsil 1.3 Ramping Firmware with Blue Standby Indicator LED
  • Micro-USB Charging with Indicator LED
  • LVP Battery Protection
  • Batt & Temp reader (calibrated)
  • Removable Lanyard/Keychain Screw
  • Tail stand capability


Sorry for my poor English

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Nice job bwings, CRX will be proud. Thumbs Up

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Now that’s just cool. Well done Thumbs Up

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Thanks for the likes and comments! Thumbs Up


Sorry for my poor English

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That is one sweet looking, amazing key chain flashlight you have made. Its good to see CRX’s mods and builds have inspired you to build this light. Well done. Smile Beer


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Nice stuff Bwings.

Boleh boleh Thumbs Up

Seeking the light.

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Wow! That’s nice! Good job doing all that small work. The finished product looks really good.

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Nice work and a very cool looking light! Thumbs Up

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Very cool build bwings Thumbs Up