Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 HI 2000 Lumen Flashlight Review

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Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 HI 2000 Lumen Flashlight Review

 Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 HI Flashlight Review



In this review I look at the new Lumintop ODL20C flashlight powered by a CREE XHP35 HI LED a mid sized flashlight with a rated output of 2,000 lumen and a throwing range of 860m. These are impressive specifications for a mid sized flashlight that is somewhat of a clone of the Manker U21 and Utorch UT02.

During the testing I found this is a great little flashlight that performs really well. The results I collected suggest that it performs at a level consistent with the Specifications. This isn't a surprise as Lumintop has built up a very good reputation. 

Thanks to Banggood for providing this flashlight for review.

No compensation received for this review other than the item for the review. 


Link to Item at Banggood Lumintop ODL20C (Non Affiliate)

Sellers/Manufacturers Specs and Product Description


Product name: Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 2000Lumens 8Modes Brightness Tactical LED Flashlight 
Brand: Lumintop
Model: ODL20C
Emitter Type: XHP35
Light Tint: 2A
Max Output: 2000 Lumens
Range: 860 Meters
Mode: Low, Med, High, Turbo, Eco,Strobe, SOS, Beacon
Lumens: 100LM, 350LM, 1000LM, 2000LM, 8LM, 2000LM, 2000LM, 2000LM
Runtime: 22H55MIN, 6H5MIN, 2H30MIN,  2H, 9 DAYS, / , /, /
Battery Configurations: 1 x 26650 Battery (Not included)
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Tail Switch
Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
Impact Resistant 1.5 Meter
Waterproof: IP68
Lens: Toughened and ultra-clear glass lens 
Reflector: Smooth and deep aluminous alloy reflector
Carrying Strap: Lanyard
Color: Black
Weight: 300g
Size: 147.5mm x 59mm x 35mm (Length x Head diameter x Body diameter)

1) Utilizes XHP 35 HI LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
2) Powered by one 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
3) High efficiency circuit with a max runtime up to 9 days
4) Smooth and deep aluminous alloy reflector creates a max 860 meters beam distance
5) 5 output levels plus Strobe, SOS and Beacon with a max output of 2000 lumens 
6) Humanized breathing light inside the switch, indicates the light location in the dark
7) Durable USB Type-C charging with 2A max charging current, 3 hours to fully charged a 5000mAh Li-ion battery, fast and convenience
8) Red and blue charging indicator visually shows the charging conditions
9) Size: 151*59*35mm, Net weight: 300g (excluding battery)
10) One side switch operation within one hand control
11) Lock-out function prevents accidental activation 
12) Enhance cooling fins ensure a comfortable holding
13) Low voltage indicator reminds to change or charge the battery in time
14) Flat tail cap with tail standing ability to serve as a candle
15) Toughened and ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
16) Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish on the surface
17) Waterproof to IPX-8 standard, 2 meters underwater (ensure the waterproof cover is in sealed condition)
18) 5 years free repair, limited lifetime warranty

Package included:
1 x Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 2000Lumens 8Modes Brightness Tactical LED Flashlight
1 x USB Type-C charging cable
1 x Lanyard 
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty
2 x Spare O-ring


First Impressions and Unboxing 

Pleasing first impression, the flashlight arrived in a sturdy box with simple but clear labelling indicating the brand one one side and on the back some specifications. Little risk of damage to the contents whilst in transit.


On opening the box I found the flashlight host was safely packed away in foam rubber. One immediate disappointment was noticing that there was a minor chip on the outer rim of the flashlight head. It's quite small but still noticeable. Otherwise all items were in perfect new condition.

The flashlight body was also noticeably heaver than others of similar size. The finish is a matt black in color and it nicely made. It looks to be of a high quality in construction.

Good assortment of accessories included. The lanyard is a common one provided with lots of better quality flashlights, it's fine. The USB charging cable is also of a good quality.

As this isn't a budget priced flashlight a holster would have been a nice inclusion.

Inside the host is a plastic tube that enables the use of 18650 batteries. Nice little addition. This was not listed in the contents.

The instruction manual consists of a folded up sheet in multiple languages.

Reverse side shown below



Flashlight Build and Disassembly 

The flashlight build is excellent overall. The host is well made with a black matt HAIII coating. The heavier weight of the host also suggests that the manufacturer hasn't tried to save costs via less materials. The only product printing on the flashlight host appears on the head section as per below.

Only one switch present being on the side. This illuminates depending on battery charge which is useful feature. It's a firm switch which makes a "click" sound on use.

Below the ODL20C is shown alongside two other popular flashlights for the purpose of size comparison. Being a flashlight the can accommodate a 26650 battery the body tube diameter is clearly larger the the Convoy 18650 hosts shown. It is clearly larger than a C8 design but somewhat still considered a medium sized flashlight host.

Below are views of three sides of the flashlight. The image on the left shows one side where the switch is visible. Lots of good sized fins in the head section and also mid section around the switch. Much of the flashlight host weight seems to be concentrated in those sections.

The middle picture shows one side of the flashlight.

The right most image shows the other side where the USB charging plug is located. The cover is fitted over the port in the photo. The cover being made of rubber. On minor annoyance on the port cover is the end protrudes 1-2 mm which is enough to be noticeable when holding the flashlight. I found often that my finger would flick up slightly.


Below is a photo of the head section with the USB charging port cover removed exposing the USB C port.

Inner view of the head. The positive terminal present enables flat or button top cells to be used.

Nice square and lubed threads on the tube section of the host. The knurling design consists of large squares. Grip wise it works well.

A look at the tail cap. Inside the tail cap is double spring which should reduce resistance. On the outer side of the cap is a hole that enables a lanyard to be fitted.

The image below shows the reflector section of the host. It's smooth and shinny which should assist with throwing performance. The Cree XHP 35HI is nicely centred.

The lens is glass and coated.

I wasn't able to disassemble the head section so modding is either not possible or extremely difficult. 

As mentioned earlier the weight of the flashlight is higher than what's typically expected of one of this size. I measured the weight without a battery fitted nor the plastic 18650 converter as 306 grams. As this is not a flashlight you'd store in your pocket it's not really a concern.

USB Charging Feature

The flashlight has a charging feature which can be used to charge a cell inserted in the host. My tests suggested that the charge current varied at times with a maximum approaching 2A.

For the testing I used a Folomov 5000mAH 26650 battery and a 2A USB charger. At the end of charging the battery voltage was measured at 4.17V which is a very good result.

Total charge time was around 3 hours which was quicker than I expected. Following some run time tests I recharged the 26650 battery fully in a Xtar VC4 charger. According to the charger the battery capacity was around 5300mAH. I suspected that the capacity was less than labeled but it was actually slightly more.

User Interface

All functions are accessed via a single side switch. The image below describes how to move between modes of operation.

The Breathing mode simply resulting in in the  switch being illuminated in a manner where it varies between low and full brightness. The color at this time being red/pink.

Overall a very nice and easy to use UI that enables simple shifting between modes.



Beam Shots

All photos taken with the following Camera settings of F2.7, Shutter 1/500 ISO 100.

Lumen figures stated are as per the manufacturers figures.

The tint of the output appears to be CW or possibly 6000k.

The beam pattern produced is quite clean, with a distinct and strong hot spot. 

Eco (8 Lumens)

Low (100 Lumens)


Med (350 Lumens)


Hgh (1,000 Lumen)


Turbo (2,000 Lumen)


Outdoor Photos

All photos taken with the following Camera settings,

2.7, Shutter 2.5s  ISO 100

Location is at a park with the distant tree approximately 60m from the camera position.

The beam shots are impressive on High and Turbo. This is a very powerful thrower. The range of modes from Eco to Turbo provide an excellent range with very nice spacing.

The images for Low and Medium appear the same. I don't believe I made an error here in processing but they are very similar.

Eco (8 Lumens)

Low (100 Lumens)


Middle (350 Lumens)


High (1,000 Lumen)


Turbo (2,000 Lumen)

On Turbo this flashlight produces lots of light output which not only throws to long distances but also provides good flood. Quite amazing output for such a small flashlight.


Light Output

Three test measurements were collected on the  Lumintop ODL20C, 

1. Ceiling Bounce measurements

2. Run time test with a 26650 Folomov 5000mAH protected cell battery

2. Host Temperatures over first 25 minutes.

Firstly the Ceiling Bounce test. The purpose of this test is to assess the amount of light produced.

The score of 130 is around what was expected. The flashlight is rated a maximum output of 2,000 lumen and the figure measured here with the ceiling bounce shows clearly that its output far exceeds other models tat produce over 1,000 lumen and it close to another flashlight that had a rated 2,500 lumen output.

Below is the run time test on Turbo mode. The test run progressed until the flashlight turned off.

The battery used in the test was freshly charged with a Xtar VC4 battery charger.



The initial output measure was 191,600 lux which is very impressive and suggests the 860m throw is possible. The brightness dropped after 7 minutes with another 3 steps occurring up to the 20 minute point. At this time the output settled on around 100,000 for approximately the next hour. Then after a drop to 60,000 where it remained for under ten minutes the flashlight decided to turn off. The measured battery cell voltage was 2.95V. The output regulation is very good.

Below is a chart that describes the light output and host temperature for the first 25 minutes of the run time test. The temperature measured at the hottest points of the flashlight body without any cooling methods used. The peak measured was 51.1C which is a very good result considering the high output. The flashlight body design and temperature regulation seem to work really well. Not shown on the chart but during later stages of the runtime test the peak measured temperature never exceeded 52C which is a really good result.


Current Measurements

The Current measurements on the highest setting were taken using a UNI-T UT204 clamp meter with a 12AWG wire with the tail cap removed. Actual current levels will be lower due to the resistance of the tail cap switch and spring. Figures below represent the peak measured

Two batteries were used for testing a Folomov 5000mAH and a Keppower 4500mAH, both Protected Cells. The Keppower arrived too late to use it for most of the tests.

The figures measured on Turbo are well above what I expected. I did not expect such high currents and had to re test to make sure the numbers were correct.

There was a clear difference between the two cells too on Turbo mode. The current may even be higher for unprotected cells.

Final Summary

This is a wonderful flashlight from Lumintop. In terms of performance I'm very satisfied with the Lumintop ODL20C flashlight. As a medium sized thrower it excels as its throwing distance of 860m. The output regulation is another impressive aspect as it can maintain around 100,000 lux for over an hour based on measurements.

The only minor points on the downside was the rubber cover for the USB. I find that I too often flick the clover which occasionally uncovers the port. The inability to mod would also be a downside for some however for those like myself who don't do so it's not a real concern.

My overall assessment is that this an excellent flashlight from Lumintop. If you are looking for a powerful mid sized thrower than this is definitely a flashlight to consider.


> Excellent Build Quality

> Over 2,000 Lumen output.

> Around 860m range.

> 18650 or 26650 batteries can be used.

> Excellent light output mode spacing.

> Internal USB battery charger via USB-C port (up to 2A)

> Can Tail stand

> Good set of accessories included in the package.



> Rubber USB charging port cover easily knocked.

> Not easily modded as bezel seems glued.


Key sites to see more about the  Lumintop ODL20C Flashlight

Link to Item at Banggood Lumintop ODL20C


There is also a 25% OFF, code: CFNKL. This code can also be used  for items on this page:


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Nice review. THat usb cover is a complete pain. Did you manage to get breathing mode working?

Bonum commune communitatis.


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Thanks for your comments. The USB cover is annoying at times as you noticed.

I did manage to ge the breathing mode to occur. To do so firstly hold the side switch down for a couple of seconds to activate Eco mode. Then lift your finger from the switch button. Then press down again for 4-5 seconds. You should then find the breathing mode active

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Very good review. I measured 205Kcd and 212 Kcd throw at 10 meters with two different lux meters. Using 26650 KeepPower battery for both tests.
I did compare it as well to my Utorch UT02 which measured around 95Kcd and Acebeam EC60 which measured 87Kcd.
I’m impressed with the performance of this flashlight.


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Thanks for reading the review and it’s pleasing that you’re also enjoying the flashlight Smile

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I have two Lumintoos now and find them to be the best mid-sized throwers out currently.

light addict....yeah I've got the bug.

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Lumintop ODL20C
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many, many others...

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wstrachan wrote:
I have two Lumintoos now and find them to be the best mid-sized throwers out currently.

Indeed the ODL20C is the best mid-size thrower with its lumens output. Im also in position of the Amutorch JM70 which has got a little better throw but not near the lumens output of the ODL20C.