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CRX 3000 Post Giveaway

Three thousand posts, time for a little giveaway in the BLF tradition.

I will make a light at my leisure over the next few weeks from these pieces of brass tube.

The light will be given to a BLF member with membership prior to this day.

The winner will be chosen via a method of my discretion.

I will post updates to the progress of the build from time to time.

Members might be asked for their input on certain details.

The giveaway will end and the winner chosen when the light is finished.

To have a better chance of winning, tell me what you have given freely to someone else.

CRX 3000 Posts GA

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Mike C
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Oh, the chance to win a CRX light, can’t pass up on this!

For my 1000 post giveaway I gave away this light:
I received two drivers from RMM that I didn’t order, and sending them back would cost more than the drivers, so I gave them away:
I have an ongoing giveaway here, still working on the drivers:

raccoon city
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Congrats on 3000 posts, CRX!

Thanks for the giveaway!  ^:)

I have given my family a good number of flashlights, batteries, and chargers.

They appreciate quality stuff, but don't know what to buy because they're not on BLF.

I don't usually buy expensive gear because I cannot afford it, but I like to "share the wealth" with the fam (and to a lesser extent, friends.)

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Congratulations CRX! Party
Thank you for the GAW, I would love to have a tube light made by you.
I made GAWs to celebrate 500, 1500, 2000 posts anniversaries. Smile

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2 years ago before moving in a new flat I gave away 200+ comics. I made “random” packs by 5 or 10 in plastic bags with a quick note to let people know it was not something left by mistake. I left them on benches in public parks and tramway/bus stops in my town but mostly in a campus, for students living generally without much money.

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I gave away a birthday cake with all the candles and icing etc Party (which I made btw lol) to a young guy at work, I never thought he was appreciated enough by the management, he always worked so hard – my workmates couldn’t believe it when I walked in with the beast, and the young lad I made it for had a tear in his eye! He couldn’t believe someone would just do something like that for him……. Also gave him a little 1 AA light for looking in the arcade cabinets, which he uses every day.

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Honestly, the thing I give more to others, freely, is my “free time”, attention and listening! Sometimes it worths more than 1000 gifts or material stuff…

But, other than that, I gave flashlights to my parents, brother, aunts, and girlfriend, so that they can light the darkness when I’m not around! And I intend to give some more after I “test” the ones I am waiting for! Wink

All also give them, for free, concerns about me Big Smile Does it count? LOL

Whenever I travel (as this week), I bring some small souvenirs (chocolates) trying to compensate them for my absence! It will never be enough ‘cause distance cannot be compensated, but it’s a small gesture saying that “I was thinking about you when I was away” Blushing

Here on the forum, more than giving, I guess I received a lot (material stuff and knowledge, mainly), so I’m making my first GAW of FW3A flashlight here: .

Congrats on you 3000 posts GAW, CRX, and thanks for all the “free” inspiration you’ve also been giving to the flashlight community Thumbs Up

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MascaratumB wrote:
Honestly, the thing I give more to others, freely, is my “free time”, attention and listening! Sometimes it worths more than 1000 gifts or material stuff…


He beat me to it! A listening ear, a helping hand is more valuable[and rewarding] than any material possession can offer.A gesture from the heart of any kind is still a way to give back and get out of ourselves.

On the other hand I just gave my new female friend a flashlight. She was walking on the trail in the dark, ~ 200 yards from her home. Not a good idea. I do not think her little dog would have helped if some evil person was lurking around. That is how I met her, in a natural environment,,,,,,,time will tell if our relationship prospers! Big Smile

Thanks for the give away. Thumbs Up

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Congratulations on 3k posts, your lights are absolutely magnificent! Whoever wins is going to be super happy with their piece or art you have made for them!
If i’m Honest, I haven’t felt particularly charitable of late… I try only help those that can’t help themselves, so the odd cash donation to animal rescues in my area and some money to the disabled beggars I see can’t get a job if they try. Jobs to pension age ex employees from my families previous business. But no flashlight giveaway, other than my brother in law who’s thinking of getting a REAL flashlight for the first time in his life so I have “loaned” him my C8 and I don’t have the heart to ask for it back.

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Congratulations on reaching 3000 posts! Wow! What a giveaway! A CRX scratch built light? Shocked

I’ve given away some stuff recently. But… I’m not going to join this time. Merry Christmas everyone! I’m giving you ALL a 1/n better chance of winning this GAW! Party

The Cycle of Goodness: “No one prospers without rendering benefit to others”
- The YKK Philosophy

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I would love a CRX light in my collection but I’ll leave it for someone else to win.

Congrats on the 3k posts mate Beer

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Congrats CRX!

Saw a reddit post from a farmer who needed a light for surveying his property but didnt have much of a budget because of some hard times. I sent him my Fenix UC40UE (2014) for nothing. Gotta pay it forward.

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I’m in, thanks CRX!

I’ve done several GAW’S (9 lights total) just this year, you can see them both by following the link in my sig.

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There’s a guy at work, over 60, who doesn’t talk much but he likes to talk with me. He let it slip that he has been on a “forced diet” due to lack of money. I found a way to buy him breakfast and lunch that day, kinda casually. I spoke with his boss and she put the word out. Yesterday she presented him with over $300 so he could buy groceries for his family before the weekend. There are offers coming in for clothes and more items and I may give him my one year old iPad since I done really use it and he doesn’t seem to have good ways to communicate except talking on the phone. Are we the heroes? Nope, he is! See he is also a pastor and moved from Indiana where he still had a rental home. The rental income helped pay his bills however the renters moved out without paying for two months and leaving broken A/C, and it sat like that a while so now the carpet and walls are moldy…much rehab expense is needed and he just doesn’t have it. My coworker, we’ll call him Andy, also had a heart attack earlier this year so getting around is difficult for him, and his car is old and beat up. He’s in a rough place, yet he never complains and he always has a smile.

Andy can’t travel or afford to fix the other home. He had reached out to another pastor that he knew back in Indiana, asking if they would like to buy the home to fix up and use as a parsonage. The pastor had been considering the offer this week. Two days ago, the same day I bought Andy breakfast and lunch, the pastor from Indiana called Andy back. There is a member of their congregation who is recently widowed, also has spinal meningitis, and just lost her place to live. Very sad news, except for Andy’s offer. The church worked it out to provide a generous grant to fix up Andy’s house so the widow can live there, and she would be able to pay the exact amount of rent that Andy needs to pay his own bills. It really was meant to be! I’m glad we all came together to help Andy through this rough patch.

Sometimes good things happen to good people! I just wanted to share this special story, especially this time of year sometimes we forget there is so much to be thankful for and we take things for granted.

Try doing something unselfish for someone else, anyone, and see what a positive thing it is for you as well. I can’t explain it any better than that, you just have to see for yourself.

Edit spelling.

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A chance for one of your lights? Toss my name in the drum. As for freely giving, I’ve given a number of lights to family and close friends, handmade canes to a few people needing them, and time and effort mowing the lawn every year for a neighbor dealing with serious health problems.

edit: also gave 3 starter kits consisting of s2+ with pocket clip, 2× 30Q, xtar vc2 plus master, and liion wholesale wall plugs to cousins for christmas.

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Congratulations on 3000 post —- Your stuff is one of a kind—- As a Father of 3 Grandpa of 4 , being in Trade Profession my whole life—seems like I’m always giving ,doing something for someone —- Wouldn’t have it any other way

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Cool giveaway. I am gonna set this one out. But I will be watching to see what you come up with.

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Looks pretty good. Who wouldn’t wanna win that Smile

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A CRX giveaway? I’m in.

The most recent thing was a Leatherman Skeletool. I bought it a few years back, and then purchased a Wave soon after, so it didn’t get a lot of use. Last week an acquaintance of mine mentioned that she was considering buying a Learherman, so that night I sharpened and cleaned my Skeletool and gave it to her.

The thing I give most often is my time. Helping people makes me happy. I volunteer at my church, I’m a volunteer camp counselor most summers, and my friends know to call me if they need a hand, or just an ear. In fact, even when it comes to flashlights, other people end up using my lights more often than I do, and I’m okay with that.

Best of luck to all of you!

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A CRX custom would be very cool. I last gifted a OTR U18 to my eldest brother in visiting from Texas. Next will be to my sons for Christmas. Thanks for the GAW.

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Congrats mate!

I give away my flashlights all the time. I get samples sent to me for review, and I usually gift them to muggles because I know they are safe.

I keep the hotrods to myself hahaha, after the D4 turned on in my jeans pocket on turbo and scorched my leg, I didn’t want that to happen to anyone else, ouch

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Congratulations on your 3000 posts and thank you for giving away one of your lights.
I will surely follow this thread, but I won’t be in the GAW (let the record show: eh…. reluctantly).
The reason: I already have won one of your amazing creations.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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Congrats on the 3000 ! Thumbs Up Beer Party

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I’ve had the pleasure to see some of your beautiful creations . You sure can make impressive lights. Congratulations on the 3000.

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 3000 posts 

Surprised that I hadn't signed up for this giveaway yet ..What was I thinking ?

  I've given lights away... but think talking about nice things you've done for others to increase chances of getting something kind of negates the thing you've done .

 But.. I did pour about 3 pounds of mixed nuts in a chipmunks hole after I noticed he'd popped his head out and ran off . I was sitting in my van facing a hillside eating my lunch when I noticed mr chipmunk exit his hole right in front of me . I had bought a big bag of mixed nuts and thought .."oh wouldn't this be fun if when he came back from scrounging for food he can't get into his house because someone filled his hole with yummy snacks ." I believe in giving not to the homeless but creating homelessness by giving .

 I'm in !

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Thanks for the GAW!

For Christmas I gave my friend a Sofirn CF8 21700 Smile

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A CRX giveaway??? How did I miss this? If I won it would free me of having to ask CRX if I can have his latest creation every time. Oh boy…what have I freely given? Can’t really explain why, but I feel sorta strange answering that…almost like it nullifies any generous deed I may or may not have done. However…as with most fathers, I can proudly say I give as much of my free time to my family as possible which often times means attending to my hobbies after everyone else has gone to bed. If you’re still looking for any member input, I really like that GITD detail you do…you did answer my question about it, but still not sure I got how you did it Big Smile

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i give away flashlights to family members and some friends
thank you for the GAW

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I just couldn’t pass up a CRX giveaway. The flashlight itself will be monumental for sure. I am sure it will be treasured by anyone who wins it.

I am not really comfortable tooting my own horn. So all I will really say is, I try to help when I can, give what I can and be kind to others. Quite a few many years ago when I quit drinking and running around getting into too much trouble I made a pledge to myself. I will do my best everyday to do one kind thing to a person without them knowing it and asking nothing in return. I have been fairly successful sticking with it as hard as it gets sometimes.

I do really enjoy giving things away. I am sure I have given away far many more lights, knives, and just plain cool stuff than I have ever kept for myself. If I have it and you need it, it’s all yours. I don’t ever lock my doors or lock my car. I figure if you need to break into it and take something, then you probably need it more than I do.

Can’t wait to see what CRX comes up with this time. Good luck everyone.

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To be clear, talking about a little something you’ve given freely doesn’t nullify your deed or make you boastful, it’s not witchcraft or a competition between you Big Smile
It’s just a nice simple rule to keep the riffraff from entering and show me something of your character. Seems to be working well so far… Innocent

It is my give away that I will be putting a lot of work and time into so that’s the way it is.
Thanks for your understanding (or not) Wink Thumbs Up