[NEW] RovyVon E300S - Triple XP-G3 flashlight - 2000 Lumens - Unusual body shape

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haibiker wrote:
Hello RovyVon , I am a mount biker and always seeking for a sec bike light with a 350 Lum constant output for min 1hr .in a flood light It will be the best rather than the preset you have at 250Lum output . I sure will order one if I can get this change in the program software . Your light has a very high quality manufacture ,like it the form!!! Please make it the change if u can . Thanks for taking in our input.

With the current UI, you can get a 350 lumen constant output for an hour, you could adjust the output to the brightness you need from 60 lumens to 2000 lumens through the infinite adjustment mode. 

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black Friday sale?

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saypat wrote:
black Friday sale?

Just opened a GroupBuy on this thread: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/63702 Wink

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Hello RovyVon, can you put a video/picture for the light spill. I believe its a flood type .
Ps I just ordered 1thr amz

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Review on Rovy Von E300
very nice Pelican look box , house the light………..….9
nice finish.strong@1 and rubber switch ………………8
function..‘s almost all Lum setting u want w/double side switch….10
Weight ….light ….small form ..convenient clip@2……….9
Simple UI …just love that double side switch …………..10
things to be improved and looking forward to ..
charging port very very small … good better seal & not coming off (lost)but not 4 big hands..prefer former one

1 lens metal mesh protective screen ,since the Led lens are circular and large if it come upon impact …crack
2 2 wielded side loop (hole)so u can mount it with a zip tie or rope on a pole or bike
Have not done detail testing but at 450Lum is does live what they claim time.. more than an hour steady lum.
Conclusion :
Over all it is the best bike light (out of 30s I had ) Lum-time to weight ratio .I know no others can weight so little and simple self contain at the moment.(whether on your hand ,hat , helmet or bike bar)
So I highly recommended for ..good job !