I was very stubborn about not using 14500 cells.

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LightObsession wrote:
How do you attach a TIP to your hat? The available clip doesn’t look like it would fit on a hat brim.

The stock clip works just fine for me.

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Maybe I’ll acquire a clip and try it out. My TIP is a couple years old and the clips weren’t available.

I find the beam of the TIP pretty ideal for close up work and I like the UI.

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those lights often get too hot with a 14500

Yep. I once propped up a SK68 with a 14500 to light up under the house while I was doing some repairs.
It had become scary hot by the time I picked it up again.

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Love the 14500:
Sofirn SF14v2.0, SF12, SP10A & SF10
Lumintop Tool AA2.0
ThorFire TG06S
Enogear AA Stainless Steel (AA/14500)
and most recent, Wuben E05

Favorite? Wuben for top lumen, Tool AA for accessories, Enogear AA for tint, Sofirn for budget and ThorFire ‘cause it was my 1st 14500 Smile

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Got just now interested in AA/14500 FLs and noticed many (most?) of them are not really optimized for Li-Ion operation, not even taking protected cells. Pulled the trigger on a Lumintop EDC05 due to many positive reviews.

Smile, you cannot kill them all.

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Unheard wrote:
Got just now interested in AA/14500 FLs and noticed many (most?) of them are not really optimized for Li-Ion operation, not even taking protected cells……………….
Not only that but the drivers don’t seem to be optimized for Li-Ion. I’ve tried a lot of these combo AA/14500 lights and I find that the regulation isn’t as good for the higher Li-Ion voltage as it is for the AA battery that has a boost driver. Seems that a lot of manufacturers go with some type of pulsing or PWM when they detect the higher Li-Ion voltage. Most of these inexpensive AA/14500 lights don’t seem to have a buck-boost driver. The only AA/14500 light that I didn’t mind with a 14500 was the Fenix LD11 which is now obsolete but you did have to pay a little more $$ for that one than these sub $20 lights.

Thus my attitude with them is that I buy a AA/14500 light for the AA ability and not the other way around. Interestingly enough, I don’t see the driver issue with the CR123A/16340 lights. And that my have to do with the fact that both of those batteries are closer if not above the Vfwd of an LED. For Lithium ion, I like 18650 and 16340 and not so much the 14500 Smile .

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Well Thanks, Now I am looking at that E05. And 14500 lights in general.

I mostly use 18350 for my short lights.

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I was all about 14500 cells when I bought my Quark AA in 2009, but it turns out that I have very little need for the increased output enabled by using a 14500 instead of a NiMh cell.  Also, since I have a house full of kids that I didn't have in 2009, the risk of someone taking a 14500 cell and putting it in something that expects a regular AA is very real. As such, I no longer have any 14500 cells in the house.

If I want the benefits of Li-ion, I will use 16340, 16650, or 18650 cells in the appropriate lights.