ISDT N8/N16/N24

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ISDT N8/N16/N24

Well anyone noticed this new charger from ISDT? The N8/N16 and N24. it supports many battery chemistry too bad limited to AA or AAA only

The N16 and N24 looks stupid and overkill but cool in my opinion now i just wish that it is compatible with 18650, 26650 and somewhere in between.
now who needs 24× 18650 battery charger? Big Smile

this is the N16

Link to the product. i had my giggle while looking at the N24.

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Yeah, they look pretty silly!  :FACEPALM:

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Hi guys!
This charger looks cool with 8-24 channels. But n8 series have maximum 18W input power. 18W for 8 channels very poor (about 2W on channel. Or 0.5A for Li-lon charging ).
So.. it’s good for only AA AAA battery, not for 18650, 21700, etc.
It would be nice to have a 300w model for 18650 =)

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rizky_p wrote:

now who needs 24× 18650 battery charger?


People building their own powerwalls from used 18650 even use bigger ones (too bad this one doesn't work for 18650)

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Received 3 days ago.

Power is only 3.5W for all (USB5V,700mA).

8AA batteries charged thorough 23 hours only! Fastest charger?!

Lion it can’t charge! Only kill battery!

Very row product. Lost money Sad

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Just saw a vid on this from Julian Ilett
Input watt is adjustable assuming you have a suitable power source.

AA & AAA only is just a bad tease.

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That 24 bay model would come in real handy to the right person. Say someone running a bunch of game cameras…. most of these cameras run off 8 x AA now. It would come in handy & be a time saver to be able to charge 24 x AA Eneloops at a time. . Thumbs Up

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Wrote to isdt support now. Will wait. If whill answer
Today support uploaded firmware for n8. Version But I have already this version in my device. Upgraded now. Without changing. Lion battery not for it Sad

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He got it free as I think.
I lost 50 bucks. Crying
And he didn’t show lion charging.
Because it not works .
It is ordinary advert video.
Don’t trust him!

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Volver wrote:
He got it free as I think. I lost 50 bucks. Crying And he didn’t show lion charging. Because it not works . It is ordinary advert video. Don’t trust him!

Charger is ok, but you have poor USB power supply.

For quicker NIMH charging and especially for Lion charging try some with QC spec.

*Read review first *

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This is my 1st post here and it may even be a bit off topic to this forum.
However I thought I'd post my experiences here, as it might be one of the forum sources people find, before they buy.

I am a sound recordist for film and TV productions and in this industry we use AA NiMh a lot for wireless microphone transmitters, and IFB lines. It becomes a bit less in the past years as more and more manufacturers switch to Lithium based proprietary formats, but never the less, here is what I can tell.
I operate 2 ISDT N24 chargers with 48 (white) Ikea LADDA 2450.
As a charger, they have not failed me, and though they are quite expensive, compared to other chargers, I do not regret buying them. Especially the ability to set charging rate and overall power consumption is a really cool feature. So far, I have not tested, if limiting the overall power consumption actually works.

What you should know:
- These N24 make a high pitched noise. Depending on your age and hearing that may or may not be an issue, but you might not want to operate them overnight in your hotel room or during the day in an office.
- ISDT advertises that firmware updates are possible, but no new firmware has come out as of yet since I've bought them. I doubt it is in active development, though there is quite some room to improve usability and ergonomy.
- When analyzing finishes, the display outputs only the charged mAh, not the previous discharge value.

When I bought my N24, I hoped that with some new firmware, there would be a possibility to read out the data of analysis session from the usb port, e.g. as a CSV or similar. As of now the USB port is of no use, unless for a future firmware update, that I'd doubt will come.
The other day, I've run an analysis session for all my 48 Laddas and manually copied the charging capacity into a spreadsheet (and resistance), to see what would be a good threshold for worn out Laddas and mark them as "mid-aged". I've used 300mA to keep everything not too warm. My Laddas have been on duty very randomly are a few years old and have not passed many charging cycles. They have been charged not over 700mA, mostly 500mA or so. (Slow charging keeps your NiMh fit.) Therefore I expected some quite different values. I've sorted the data in an ascending way and made a graph. Great, somewhere around 2800mAh seem to indicate aged or untrained units:

...Until, I've sorted the data back to the position in the charger. Wait, what???

There is an unexpected pattern, that matches the six blocks of eight bays architecture of the two N24 chargers. Probably, heat distribution distorts the measurement significantly. My conclusion is, that this thing is not really useful for analysing batteries, at least, not fully loaded and I need to analyse with my 4 bay Maha C9000.

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Thank you for the review. I am also a Production Sound Mixer that uses a lot of Ladda 2450 batteries. I used for the past 4 years, two 16 bay charger/dischargers from Amazon. They work great but I was thinking in the isdt N24 because its quicker on the charging process. I think I read that They state 90 minutes for full charging. Can you confirm that? Thanks!