$26 "iPod"

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$26 "iPod"

Saw this as a new release at DX today. It's a knockoff of a iPod nano 5G, except it is 26 bucks. 4GB. Amazing. I'm sure it's garbage, but it seems to have a lot of features.


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It just looks too good to be true but who knows.  You can't beat the price even though it resembles the 4th gen. nano.

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It's almost like a form of art. I find these knockoffs to be fascinating.

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A co-worker bought an iphone knock-off a few years ago.  It also looked good and was cheap, but in execution was terrible.  Buggy software, slow processor, poor lcd, and horrendous call quality.  I think he ended up hooking it up to a megger followed by a ball peen hammer for the coup de grace.