Need help identifying battery spacer...

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Boaz wrote:

How about like a nylon bushing ? or a roller for a curtain rod ?

 if this is to just gain height on an 18650 just do a solder blob and be done with it .

 After finally doing my first solder blob I realized how stupid I’d been for waiting so long solved like a million stupid problems all in a matter of 11 seconds… 

 how about wood or .maybe a black rubber plug or thick washer .

 Go to the hardware store and ask .. They live for this stuff .

When I made my first beer bong I found an employee to discreetly ask where a few of the parts were located. He figured out what I was making because of my questions and basically showed me around the store to all the best parts I needed including recommending “options” like valves and so on.

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I would suggest using 3/4” PVC pipe for the tube
A 3/4” PVC pipe was too wide to fit in my Defiant 3C flashlight. I ended up using a 3/4” PEX pipe instead with some smaller PEX pipes inside it.

xxo wrote:
3” screws are long enough, you get a another 3+ mm with the head.

Actually, it is 3” including the head. It ended up being too short to make good contact when using an unprotected 18650 cell, but it works fine with a protected one since it’s a bit longer.

I appreciate all the ideas.