Cree XR-Q3*5 2*26650 Li-ion Flashlight Help

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Cree XR-Q3*5 2*26650 Li-ion Flashlight Help

Hi Folks,

I came across this flashlight recently.  Although it is not an XM-L, I still like the fact it has 5xXR-Q3 led's and powered by 2 x 26650's.  The side-clickie was also a big plus in my book.  This has been the only seller I could find that is willing to sell only 1 flashlight rather than 1,000 of them at a time. 

I've sent this seller 2 requests for price and if they take paypal over the last 8 days, but no response even though they were listed as online.  Does anyone know if this flashlight can be purchased anywhere else or recognize what it might be?  I really want to give this one a try if I can find one and if the price is right.  Thanks.


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May want to look at they have one that is a single and takes the other two size cells.

Yavi a member posted Poppas -W-878 and just ordered one for my 6 year old grandson.

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