[Review] Nitecore TINI

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[Review] Nitecore TINI


Rechargeable USB


I received the Nitecore TINI from FASTTECH for the review.

Here the Nitecore TINI features on the official page on the Nitecore website: http://flashlight.nitecore.com/product/tini

This is the page for the purchase: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10001842/9574806-authentic-nitecore-...


The new Nitecore TINI keychain is rechargeable (via an integrated Micro-USB socket), small and light. Use an CREE XP-G2 S3 LED to emits a maximum of 380 lumens. Built-in 280mAh Li-ion battery which offers an autonomy up to 60 hours and supports Micro-USB charging. It has two switches with an integrated power indicator below to know the percentage of remaining charge. The Nitecore TINI is made of aluminum alloy and it is water resistant and dust (IP54). It is ideal for everyday use and is available in seven colors.


NITECORE TINI Specifications:

Battery Type Supported: Built-in 280mAh Li-ion Battery
Peak Beam Distance: 70yds (64m)
Peak Beam Intensity: 1020cd
Brightness Outputs:
Turbo: 380 lumens / 15mins
High: 145 lumens / 1h
Med: 38 lumens / 4h
Low: 1 lumen / 60h
IP Rating: IP54
Impact Resistance: 1.5m
Dimensions: L-1.7“xW-1“xH-0.45” (43.3mmx25.4mmx11.5mm)
Weight: 0.47oz (13.4g)


Mini metallic keychain light
Utilizes bead surface optic lens for uniform soft light
4 brightness levels with instant access to turbo
Dual switches for easy operation
Intelligent memory function
Integrated power indicator
Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy


The Package:

Package Contents: NITECORE TINI, key clasp, user manual, warranty card.



What stands out, just picked up in hand the small Nitecore TINI, is the Micro-USB socket protected by a rubber cap and in particular the large lens with in the center the XP-G2 S3 LED.

The Nitecore TINI can be recharged in about an hour and 45 minutes. It can work, and therefore be used, during recharging. When it is charging in progress, the blue indicators will blink slowly to notify user; the indicators will keep on upon charging completion.
After fully charged, the theoretical standby duration of TINI is about 1 year. When the power level i slow, the blue indicators will blink once every 3 seconds to notify user and the light may be dim or unresponsive.

On one side of the Nitecore TINI we find the two electronic switches that are easily accessible even in the dark. As can be seen from the symbols above these, one has the function of ON / OFF (power switch) and with the other we will go to vary the three levels available over the Turbo (mode switch).
The switches can be activated with very little pressure on them. In NITECORE TINI, to limit accidental switching on, it is necessary to give a prolonged pressure on the ON / OFF key to turn on the TINI, in addition it has been studied the possibility that the torch will turn off automatically after thirty seconds (Demo mode).

The TINI keys light up to indicate the percentage of remaining battery.
With the torch off, press the level selector button for less than one second. At this point the two switches flash to indicate how much charge we have:

Three flashes indicate that the battery has more than 50% residual charge
Two flashes indicate that the battery has a remaining charge below 50%
A flash indicates that the battery has a remaining charge below 10%

At the back of the Nitecore TINI there is a small protruding metal ring that offers the possibility of hooking into a key ring even using the supplied Key Clasp.



The Nitecore TINI has two modes of use, Demo mode (default) and Daily mode.
Demo mode: If no operations are performed for 30 seconds, the TINI can automatically switch off.
Daily mode: In Daily mode, TINI needs to be switched off manually

Change of Mode:
When the TINI is ON / OFF, press and hold the power button and the level selection button at the same time to switch between Demo and Daily mode.
The light has flashes to indicate the state in which it is: a flash represents the Demo mode; two flashes represent the Daily mode.
Note: In Demo mode, the Nitecore TINI can automatically switch off after 30 seconds. If you reset it to ON within three seconds, TINI may enter Daily mode temporarily.

Turbo – 380 lumen
High – 145 lumen
Mid – 38 lumen
Low – 1 lumen

ON / OFF: Press the power button prolonged for more than two seconds to turn on the torch. Press it again to switch off.

Change brightness: When the TINI is switched on, press the mode switch repeatedly to cycle between Low, Medium and High (the TINI has memory of the last level used between these three).

Instant Turbo: When the flashlight is off or on, press and hold the mode switch (mode switch) to enter Turbo mode. Release to re-enter the previous mode.

ATR: Nitecore TINI has the Advanced Temperature Regulation module for adjusting the light output, based on the ambient temperature, to maintain optimal torch performance.


Let’s see the dimensions of Nitecore TINI compared with those of Nitecore TIP:



The Nitecore TINI beam has a white tint not too cold (CW) and no particular artifact or dominant. The distance from the start of the spill from the feet is about 20 cm.



The test was made with the torch fully charged. The ambient temperature was 21 ° C and no forced ventilation was used. Good durability in HIGH of the Nitecore TINI.



Unfortunately, the photos are not great. I hope, however, that they can give an idea of the Nitecore TINI beam.



I’m really satisfied with this little Nitecore so much that I think I buy some for any presents. The torch is small, light and with a discrete autonomy.
I’m seriously considering replacing my CooYoo Quantum with this new Tini.
Recommended purchase.

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I found it today at $15.59 promo price at Gearbest.

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Thank you for the review. I have an Astrolux K light and this could be my next one

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The light has been out for a while and I dismissed it early on. Had enough tiny lights. A buddy gave me one that retired from use and wow was I wrong!
Other than mode memory the UI is great for a tiny light, the demo mode is perfect for my use, and it weighs so little it’s perfect neck-worn with a ball chain.
Had to order a SS version. Better late than never.