One for the NiMH folks

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One for the NiMH folks

It'd be a good idea to keep an eye on this thread, Lambda is planning a driver that will give 3A to an XM-L from two NiMH cells.

Re: Where is the thread here regarding the low voltage 3A Mag builds you do?


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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I've been following the Lambda threads closely. I'm most interested in the dedomed XM-L v2 torture test running at 4A.;all

From Lambda: "I would say from my tests that thermal epoxy onto an anodized aluminum heatsink is every bit as good as direct soldered onto copper, or star mounted, at 4 Amps; a 33% overdrive. You basically can't measure the difference in light output."

Looks like I need to join yet "another" forum so I can ask more questions. LOL! That man has extreme talent in many disciplines of well thought out custom flashlight mods.

I wonder if 3 x D cell nimh would bring more current to the XM-L than the 3 x C cells he is currently using in his test. Id like to direct drive a 3D mag XML if the current didn't exceed 4A. The 3A driver looks interesting if he is successful, but a driver imposes the weak link in a mag mod along with an inefficiency Id rather avoid if possible. His discharge curve is fairly flat for most of an hour, which is rather amazing considering the entire package. 3 D cells should extend that run time considerably. Yeah, I know I'm not considering the added benefits of variable power.