The interactive game interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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The interactive game interpretation of quantum mechanics.

I don’t know if you have ever played an interactive game however the concept is quite simple. All possible paths of the game exist in the media the player then chooses which branch of the game to be on. Everett proposed that every time a quantum event occurs say a photon encountering a partially silvered mirror the universe splits in two and each universe contains a possible outcome of the event. That is in one universe the photon passes through the mirror and in the other universe the photon reflects off the mirror. What I propose is life is able to make quantum mechanical predictions of possible futures and then choose which branch of the multiverse to follow that is best for life. That is life defies the rules of quantum probability. In the far future when life is extinct only one branch of the multiverse is relevant the branch life chose to be in. In the the other branches of the multiverse life can not be said to have existed though they are perfect models of what life would be like had it made different choices.

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Having life influencing low level quantum mechanics in some unique way requires life to be extremely special, rather than life being the result of its chemical and physical structure and under the same rules as the rest of matter. That really gets into the realm of theology. I doubt most religions require life to be so special.