ACEBEAM bad experience

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ACEBEAM bad experience

Has anyone here had luck with sending a light to ACEBEAM for service and gotten it back?

Short story;
I bought an AceBeam 21700 light from amazon because I lost my Zebra EDC.
1st day at work I dropped Acebeam and it quit working.
I contacted Acebeam several time -thru website and got no response,
I wasn’t looking for free repair , I was expecting to pay.
I contacted them on Facebook-no response
Then I wrote a negative review on Facebook -and they contacted me and told me to send them my light for repair, I told them it was my fault I don’t mind paying for what needed services.
Months later, no response again to my email,
Thru Facebook messenger I ask about my light
“CHRIS” is the name of the AceBeam employee I was dealing with told me they repaired my light and sent it back to me and told me he used the same tracking number going back to me as the one that I sent to them.
Is this even possible?
Tracking number UH017147040US
How can they use the same tracking number again?
This has been THE worst customer experience I have ever had.
I deal with China shipping almost daily as I build and race drones and this company seems to be a joke.
I apologize that my first post here is a complaint.
I have been a long time lurker of this forum but never joined because I usually find what I need so I don’t have to ask a question.
I hope some reads this and it helps them decide where to spend their hard earned money.

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I subscribe to this. I own Acebeam lights but never have to ask for a warranty.

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if light has warranty u shouldnt have to pay anything if it broke down it should go under warranty but i have heard stories like this of acebeam, imalent before… not sure why they act like that.. some of their lights are hardly cheap and budget…

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