FW4A and HL3A interest and discussion thread

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FW4A and HL3A interest and discussion thread
Hello my dear friends! 
-> GROUPBUY STARTED! please enter  HERE if you want to buy for the given price!

Neal sent me pictures of upcoming flashlights and wants to know how amny people are interested..

FW4A (quad emitter, similar Performance to D4, 18350/500/650 tubes compatible)
and the HL3A (Anduril angle light, magnet in tailcap)

 all new deals are also posted here: deals.m4dm4x.com
if you do not find what you are looking for :

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Interested! (Just had a look on your Instagram)

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Also interested

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Edit: Deleted the pics now that Martin has them in the first post.

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The head on the angle light is too bulky. Triple TIRs are very thin, but this looks like it adopted the Fireflies design of having the battery extend into the head instead of being shaped like a Zebralight H600 series, etc….

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I would be interested in the quad! I am really waiting for a 21700 single with a reflector that is slightly larger diameter at the same or greater depth.

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Is that a screw-in bezel on the HL3A? Does it have the same driver and firmware as the FW3A?

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I think the whole head is different 

 all new deals are also posted here: deals.m4dm4x.com
if you do not find what you are looking for :

ask MARTIN@M4DM4X.COM - i will save you money!

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I’m not very focused on if it is 3 Leds or 4 Leds. If 4 Leds give better efficiency with higher sustained output with less heat then yes, else I see no point.

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Is that a Carclo or Lumintop sourced Quad optic?

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I really don’t want to be “that guy,” but I’m going to be I guess.

About the FW4A… WHY?

With the exception of the FW1A and materials choice on the original, all of these off-shoots have been really half baked IMO. The 21700 version for example.. Facepalm

The question (for me) isn’t whether or not anyone will buy/want one, but is there a meaningful differentiation in performance or design to justify it? A single 18650 triple in an air-weight body is already pushing practical design limits. Upping it to a quad w/o at least moving to a 21700 just doesn’t make any functional sense to me.

So I’d say for a decent design, that at least has a chance of raising reasonable interest here, take this quad head and put it on the 21700 body. MAYBE then.

As for the headlamp, the design again just doesn’t inspire any sense of uniqueness, aesthetics, nor original thought.

I apologize for the word vomit here. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it though.

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The headlamp is bland and boring but I’d probably get one if it has the same guts as the FW3A and a screw-in bezel. If it has a different driver and isn’t running Anduril then it shouldn’t have that name.

Completely agree about the FW4A.

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I’d love a single LED version of the HL3A.

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interested in both

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Interested in the headlamp.

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I would be a buyer for a quad 21700 or even a heavier head upgrade in the quad for 18650.

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Interested Wink

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I’ll be waiting for 21700 version...

missed FW21 option

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I’m interested in the HL3A

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I’m in for at least 1 HL3A! I have been searching high and low for something like this! It’s not very attractive but it will be perfect for me, especially if they have some more of those awesome SST-20 4000K left! It’s pretty bland but who cares. Ramping UI with shortcuts to moonlight and turbo are the most important things for me. The blinkies might be cool at a rave though if you’re into that kind of stuff.

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I have to say, both of these designs look pretty poorly thought out to me. Having a wide head for a floody light doesn’t seem very space efficient, and L shaped right angle lights just look off in my opinion.

Hopefully others disagree!

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Interested in HL3A.

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I was after my first 21700 light, I thought this might be it…. seems a weird decision to stick with the 18650. Unless of course there are more in the pipeline.
On looking closer the angles from the body to head don’t even line up, it’s a pretty poor attempt if I’m honest. Just looks like it was thrown together to suck in some money quick.

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Interested in FW4A. Not interested in the headlight.

Though.. I remember very well that in the original FW3A thread it was stated, that neither the body, nor driver nor springs etc. are meant to be a 100% pocket rocket like the D4. So.. what did you change to accomplish that?
Also if all those FW3A-Copy&Paste lights have the same body.. it would be nice to be able to purchase the heads seperately.

Also, isn’t there like a XHP 50.2 FW1A version in the making too?

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Definitely interested.