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******GIVEAWAY******Winner Announced***********

Well, the daughter didn’t want to pose with the winning name this time. Something about her hair and the lighting. I don’t know. 14 year old girls confuse me.

Anyway congrats dorpmuller. PM headed your way. Thank you everyone for joining in. I hope 2020 is treating everyone well so far.

I wanted to do a giveaway but, for a different reason. I have no problem giving away lights that I either don’t use or don’t like. It’s rare that I give something away that I truly enjoy. Today that changes.

To make a very long story, very short, 2 years 4 months 9 days 11 hours and 19 minutes ago, my life forever changed. In that time I realized that the things I tried the hardest to keep were the most unhealthy things for me. The things that truly mattered,were in my life because they wanted to be. Nothing I could ever do would change that. For that I am truly grateful and humbled.

So for the sake of my sanity and taking responsibility for my own humility, I offer a light that, although not entirely special, is still a mighty fine light to own.

No rules to this giveaway. No geographical restrictions. I’ll ship it world wide.

Just post “I’m in” or whatever you want to post. I’ll let it run till the end of the month. Post number doesn’t matter. I’ll write your name on a slip of paper and Abby, my daughter, will draw a name fishbowl style.

Maratac Titanium AA. Like new. I didn’t get it new but, it was in like new condition when I got it and it’s still in like new condition. In the pic, the lanyard/keyring attachment thingy isn’t on there. It will be when it ships. I didn’t use it so I took it off but saved it.

Thank you all for all you do.

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I’m in.

Thank you. Thumbs Up

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Thanks for the giveaway, toddcshoe!

Count me in.

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It is amazing how things or moments in our lives change as we get older. Hope you have found your way to a greatful and fulfilling life.

“I’m in.”

Thank you,

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I’m in. I’m happy for you that you found what mattered to you those 2+ years ago.

Thanks for the giveaway.

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In! Thank you for the giveaway.

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I’m happy for you for realizing whatever it is while you’re well.

I’m in. Very nice light!

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Thanks, toddcshoe! I’m in.

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I’m in

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Thanks for your generosity. I’m in!

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I’m in, thanks

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I’m in please and thank you

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No need to add my name to the draw, just wanted to say thanks for spreading the cheer.

Seeking the light.

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Nice, I’m in, thanks.

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I’m in. Thanks for the giveaway!

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I’m in. Can you tell us more about your journey?

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Wow, really nice light; I’m in, thanks!

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I’m in.

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I’m in. Thanks!

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I’m in

Thank you for the GAW

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Im in!
Thanks for the chance at such a nice light.
Glad you found what matters the most Thumbs Up

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I’m in. Thanks.

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I’m in!!

Thanks for the GAW

I dont own any titanium one… And I also need a new AA one because all of my AA flashlights got broken.. This is good time… Hope to win

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I’m in ! Wink

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I’m in. Thanks

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I’m in.
Thank you very much for the giveaway of this flashlight.

I love your quote…..

“Thank you all for all you do.”

The lighter the brighter the better.

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I’m In for this. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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I’m in. Thanks.

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Im in

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Im in. Thanks?! Sounds like an ultimatum. Hope not


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I’m in.

Thanks for the giveaway! Cool