Neal's Gadget silence

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I’m curious about box labels. I ordered a FW3A 3D a while back and the box came with a “WW” sticker on it; warm white as expected.

The FW lights haven’t yet been added to the comprehensive beamshot page at

I more recently ordered a LUMINTOP FW21-CREE XPL HI 3D and what I got is cool white. No sticker on the box. Yeah, I emailed a note that I got the wrong item.

The order had been long delayed because, Neal replied to my inquiry, saying one smaller item was out of stock; I asked him to cancel that part and ship.

Does this sound like his shipping person just looked at my order and grabbed the wrong box?

What labels have people gotten on boxes to distinguish what emitters were used in FW21s?

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I have ongoing contact with Sofirn/Wurkkos with whom I work. Contacts never interrupted in these weeks.
I’m ordering and getting confirmations from many Chinese stores.
I find it strange that Neal, despite not being able to reach the workplace, is not able to communicate with his buyers (like Giancarlo) from home.

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It would be nice if Neal gets things worked out soon. I would like to order several more lights from him especially the FW1A Pro but I still have not heard from him about my NI40 I ordered on January 31st. I’ll give him a few more weeks but after that all I can do is retract my payment. I think 7 weeks is more then fare and patient.

Doug S.

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Something to think about.

- end of November everything was agreed upon, you might call it an order
- mid December I was still waiting for a tracking code
- around Xmas I was told the item would be restocked by December 31rd
- then all silence broke loose, even after numerous PM’s
- and I know he/she is around, for in the meantime he/she has posted here

I could show you a copy of my PM history,
but unlike some I think they are called Private Messages for a reason.

Though this is (one of) the Neil Bash thread(s), it’s not about Neil.
It’s about someone working for a big seller, who does employ replacements.
But it’s only about a flashlight, and I have more of them lying around. Just in case.
And I can be patient, as long as the 180 day PP limit is not reached.

So should you.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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It looks like everything necessary has been said about the matter in the original post. I’m closing the thread to prevent further arguments from breaking out. Feel free to create a new thread if there are any concrete new developments relating to Neal’s Gadgets.

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I think Neal's just too powerful. He's got the ability to alter your

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Neal fully refunded me via PP Thumbs Up

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I ordered Lumintop FW21 Grey CREE XPL HI 3D
and the package delivered a light with the 1A cold white output.

No reply to my email, it’s been 4 months. Trying email again.

What, me worry?

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i talk with him viac FB messenger….hes very slow,but still give me a hope to order and get it…..but iam afraid….:)

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One thing to note is that unfulfillable orders will not be automatically canceled with NG. The money will transfer, and the order will stay in pending status limbo forever.

I found out a couple months after $ had transferred that NG no longer ships loose cells, at which point the payment was refunded after communication. Also note that loose cells are still offered for sale on the site with no indication that they will never ship.