Review: Skilhunt M200 (18650, HiCRI)

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Review: Skilhunt M200 (18650, HiCRI)

Unlike its closest relative, the extremely popular Skilhunt H03 headlamp, M200, released shortly after it, is, in my opinion, undeservedly ignored. But this flashlight, in fact, inherited all the same advantages – exceptional compactness, neutral light, built-in charging, quite convenient UI a magnet in tailcap. What can I say, there was even a kit included headstap! So you could use it as a sort of headlamp.

And now the update came, H03 became H04, and M200 received not only new UI and ennobled appearance, but also optional HiCRI LED

You can buy Skilhunt M200A at

official website

M200 New Edition LED Flashlight
Max output: ANSI 1100 Lumens
Max runtime: Few months
Max beam distance: 161 m / 171 m
Max peak beam intensity: 6500 cd / 7300 cd
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×18650 ,
Rated Range: 2.7V ~ 8.4V
Length 104.5mm / 4.11 inch
Head diameter 23.5mm / 0.93inch
Body diameter 22.0mm / 0.86 inch
Weight: 44 g / 1.55 oz (without battery)
Accessories: User manual,Spare O-rings,Lanyard,Clip, Magnetic Charging Cable .

Package and appearance

The appearance of packaging took a significant step forward, compared to what it was. Now it’s not a shame to give such a box as a gift.

inside there is M200 itself. Under it is – the box with the rest of the contents: lanyard, charging cable, clip, o-rings, plastic round instead of a magnet, instruction.

The flashlight itself, although kept the same size, began to look definitely better, mostly due to the azure color of bezel around the button and contact plate and bezel at head itself. Well, old 1st version of M200 looked pretty good. Not super, but the design was at a decent level. This one is even better.

The clip can be removed with a reasonable effort, it can be positioned in any convenient position.

The tail is flat, with a rather strong magnet inside.

There are two springs: in the tail-cap, and at the side of head, thickness is fully correlated with the power of the flashlight. The thread is well oiled.

The knurling has changed and become more tenacious, although I have no reason to complain about the reliability of the grip of the previous version.

The bezel of the button, as I mentioned, is now surrounded by the Olight-style azure ring. The button itself is medium in size, barely protruding from the body. The move is short, soft, with an average click. Blindfold quickly can only be done in a standard way – by placing the clip on the opposite side. The button has a red-blue indicator light for the remaining charge level.

On the opposite side is the same contact pad known for past models. The magnetic strip keeps quite firmly – a lesson from the first edition of the H03R headlamp.

 Immediately at the same time, you can evaluate the depth of the cooling fins. I think that in such dimensions, R&D team did the maximum possible.

 Glass with enlightenment, followed by a small smooth reflector with traditional XPL-HD or the Samsung LH351D HiCRI that i got for review.!

 That, in fact, is all. It looks neat. There is nothing to complain about, the flashlight is assembled without visible blemishes and has a decent brand look.



Here lies the most significant change. In addition to the usual, where the change of modes was by pressing a button, a customizable interface appeared with a change of holding modes.

Attention! Do not be confused with pics. In fact, the old, familiar UI scheme is exceptionally simple. The new one is only a little more complicated in the sense that you can pre-select the necessary brightness levels from the two available. In real use, the interface does not cause any difficulties at all.

How the Skilhunt M200 shines 

The light is neutral, only slightly wider than the base XPL-HD version. From the position of a EDC flashlight, the light distribution is quite convenient

As for HiCRI … I will say bluntly – personally, I did not feel any significant difference with the base version. If you look closely, you can see that the colors have become a little more natural. But, for me personally, this is on the verge of a placebo effect. Another HiCRI LED could be a big difference, but the installed Samsung is visually close to XPL. Here the obvious difference will be more likely that there will be no color artifacts that you should expect from a combination of XPL with a smooth reflector.

Hope you agree, if I had not signed what where, you would not have guessed.

nichia would make more difference

Turbo mode here is quite decent: in terms of brightness and runtime 2 minutes in brightness of about 1000 lumens is enough for you in a maximum of everyday situations. As for the stepdown from this mode, it is timed. This is both a plus (turbo can be immediately turned on a second time) and a minus (amateur user can turn on this mode over and over and burn insides). Stabilization is full

Well, here is the light itself. I recall that it was called a boring flashlight in the 1st M200 reviews . I strongly disagree with this. Yes, there is generally no serious brightness or throw by modern standards. And in such a size, the 1st one would be of little use, and the last would be difficult to implement and impractical for an EDC flashlight.

But from the usual EDC situations, M200 gives convinient light. You can quite comfortably shine under your feet, you can work close as well. In a turbo flashlight makes it possible to quite well distinguish everything in a radius about half a hundred meters. And given the excellent runtime in this mode, this is enough to maximum of all those situations for which u carry a flashlight with.

Of course, the Skilhunt M200 video review contains more clear examples of how this flashlight shines.

Overall impressions

The new version of Skilhunt M200 left me a good impression. The appearance has become much more representative, visually it is now no worse than the models from Olight and Acebeam. UI has also improved.

The light remained unchanged, it is quite comfortable for everyday use. I speak frankly, I did not see any obvious advantages in the light of the HiCRI version relative to the usual XPL-HD. To put it bluntly, I don’t see any functional minuses in this model, unlike many advantages:





mode spacing

built-in charge

neutral light (optional HiCRI or conventional)


Functionally, with the exception of UI the model does not offer anything functiounally unusual, but in combination of all these positive features, I consider it a convenient and decent-looking compact pocket flashlight. A price tag of about $ 50 is quite adequate for a new brand flashlight. Moreover, it is easy to find more expensive and less interesting models from other brands. As well, in fairness, you can find models at a significantly lower price. Of course, because of this, they will not have some any advantages of M200: compactness, appearance, HiCRI \ neutral light and flexible UI.

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Hey mate, your photosare not appearing (at least to me), maybe you can fix the links!
Thanks for the review and also for some ideias:

1 – that this M200 flashlight is

“undeservedly ignored”

This is not an Olight or a Nitecore in terms of name, but it is even better in some aspects, and should be more considerable in terms of options for a good EDC flashlight Wink

2 – I also felt something like this:

As for HiCRI … I will say bluntly – personally, I did not feel any significant difference with the base version. If you look closely, you can see that the colors have become a little more natural.

A 5000K 90CRI Nichia would have a greater impact in terms of colour rendering and specially on less shift on the corona/edge of the hotspot, but I guess that at least this shift can be solved by some diffuser or DC-Fix.

3 – Thanks for confirming this about turbo:

As for the stepdown from this mode, it is timed. This is both a plus (turbo can be immediately turned on a second time) and a minus (amateur user can turn on this mode over and over and burn insides).

For the good and the bad, it behaves as the H04, so turbo can be (re)activated after the timed stepdown.

Thanks for your review!!