Recommend a 26650 for Convoy M3

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Recommend a 26650 for Convoy M3

Can anyone recommend a good unprotected cell for Convoy M3? Made a mistake and bought the soshine 5500 continuous amps only 4. No turbo for more than 5 seconds :/

Willing to pay for decent battery or pair. Preferably from Bangood

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I got this 20A Vapcell from the 18650 Battery Store for my Astrolux MF01 Mini and it works great. Dunno whether they ship to Jamaica though.

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It can work, as i only ship to the US. Thanks

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Efest is also good if u can find.

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I’m happily using a Shockli 5500 mAh in my Convoy M3.

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Cheap, pretty good and beautiful: the LiitoKala Lii-50A (Power Long Battery INR26650-50A OEM cell).

Not so cheap, overall best cell and beautiful too, the sister of the previous cell: the PLB INR26650-55A. Shockli (and Vapcell still, to some extent) sell these, rewrapped.

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