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Really sorry to hear that Sad

Best wishes on a speedy recovery!!!

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That sucks!
Make sure you rest as much as you can to give your body as much strength as possible to fight the virus. And by rest i mean, if it’s not life-threatening it doesn’t need doing.

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My prayers are with you for a speedy recover. Kick COVID’s ass!

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Yes, take care of yourself. Wishing you the best.

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Take good care of yourself. Wishing you the best of luck.

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Sorry to hear that you’re sick. We wish you a speedy recovery!


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how you got it

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Very sorry to hear this, please get well soon.

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Hang in there, best wishes and hope for a speedy recover.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keep us posted when you can. So many unknowns with this new virus. Hopefully your past the worse of it.

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Good luck in your recovery!

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Prayers sent out to you buddy. Stay strong mentally and physically. I hear it’s really hard to get out of bed but make yourself. Do some light walking around your room or house.
Perhaps this maybe of some help

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Good Luck, I have heard that there are some breathing/lung exercises that can help.

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Hang in there! Get all the rest you can, and recover soon.
And try to keep your spirits up even when the going gets tough!

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Rest up and good luck for a speedy recovery!

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I feel sad that you got the bug. I hope that you will be all good soon. Follow doctors orfers, and you should be all good. 

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Best wishes on your recovery.

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Your body is a lean mean fighting machine.
And it has been preparing a lifetime long for days like this.
So let it do what it can do best: beat these little buggers.
Your only concern is to avoid distraction from that task.
So rest a lot, and eat and drink properly.
To check the last: if you pee less, drink more (water)!

And most of all: keep up your morale!
A bit of luck might help => I wish you a lot of it.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery DBSAR, our thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time.

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I normally sleep on my side, rarely on my back.
The word is that if breathing gets labored with Covid-19 to sleep/rest on one’s stomach .. Hospitals in the UK have used pregnancy pillows to ease breathing. These pillows have a large void and only support the upper body and hips.
Sure you can jury rig something with several pillows.

So best of luck and do recall that mortality rates are low. I’ll be 73 this July so I’m in a high risk group.

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hope for a speedy recover

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DBSAR wrote:
Been sick, trying to recover. COVID-19
Hello everyone, i somehow got unlucky, got the COVID-19 virus. I have been feeling strong flu symptoms for a week, fever, cough, & no-energy, but after a call to the doc, i am now under the weather and doing what i can to make it through it. I will post updates when i can here in this topic.

No no DBSAR, you’re doing this all wrong, you’re supposed to get sick of us, not sick with COVID-19.

Seriously though, my best wishes to you and yours.

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Keep getting up and moving around . You need rest but you can’t stay down.

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Ooh, sorry to hear that. That’s no fun at all. We’re all rooting for your speedy recovery. Please update us as your time and energy permits. Take care!

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How do you know it is COVID-19.
Diagnosed via telephone?

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sp5it wrote:
How do you know it is COVID-19.
Diagnosed via telephone?

Yh that’s what I’m thinking. Anyone who has sysmptoms is automatically labeled as having COVID-19 but does that mean they actually have the Sars-CoV-2 virus? I don’t think normal cold symptoms should last over a week though.
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery from Australia mate

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Get well soon!

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Best wishes and get well soon !

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