[Review] - Fenix TK26R - White + Red + Green , TypeC - by Lock

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[Review] - Fenix TK26R - White + Red + Green , TypeC - by Lock

Hello everyone...today we will see the Fenix TK26Rinnovative tactical flashlight in the 18650 format with a Turbo of 1500 lumens and equipped with two auxiliary LEDs in Red and Green!!!
The torch was supplied directly by Fenix specifically for the review. At thislink you can find all the information about the parent company while here you can consult the page dedicated to the TK26R

Packaging and content

The Fenix TK26R arrives in the classic Fenix colored cardboard box with all the main features of the product imprinted on it. The package is full of accessories and complete with everything you need to be able to start using the flashlight right away:
•    Flashlight "Fenix TK26R"
•    Nylon Holster
•    3500 mAh Rechargeable 18650 Battery
•    USB Type-C Cable
•    Lanyard
•    Spare O-ring
•    Spare Rubber Boot
•    User Manual
•    Warranty Card

Main Features
•    LED Luminus SST40 LED - Cool White
•    Auxiliary LED CREE XP-E2 - Red and Green Light
•    18650/CR123 Battery Compatibility
•    USB Type-C Rechargeable
•    LED Outputs
  o    Turbo - 1500 Lumens/1.2 Hours
  o    High - 350 Lumens/4.4 Hours
  o    Med - 150 Lumens/10.8 Hours
  o    Low - 10 Lumens/100 Hours
  o    Strobe - 1500 Lumens
  o    Red - 150 Lumens/4.2 Hours
  o    Green - 200 Lumens/5.1 Hours
•    Battery Level Indicator
•    Variable Frequency Strobe
•    A6061-T6 Aluminum Body
•    IP68 Waterproof Rating
•    Law Enforcement/Tactical Flashlight 
•    Batteries Included: One Fenix 18650 high-capacity battery (3500mAh)
•    Recommended Batteries: One Lithium-ion Rechargeable 18650 battery ARB-L18 Series or two CR123A Batteries
•    Recommended Chargers: Fenix Battery Chargers
•    Length: 150mm
•    Head Diameter: 40mm
•    Body Diameter: 25.4mm
•    Weight: 157g (Excluding Battery)

Output Levels and Runtime
The Fenix TK26R has 4 normal output levels + 1 special Strobo level and a single level for each auxiliary LED:

Turbo: 1500 lm declared(measured 1520lm) – 1h25min
High: 350 lm declared(measured 360 lm) – 4h40min
Mid: 150 lm declared(measured 146 lm) – 10h50min
Low: 10 lm declared(measured 10 lm) – 100h
Strobe: 1500 lm declared(measured 1520 lm) 
Auxiliary Red Light: 150 lm declared[color=#FF4000) [/color] – 4h20min
Auxiliary Green Light: 200 lm declared[color=#FF4000) [/color] – 5h10min

The measured data are to be considered peak (taken within 30 seconds from the ignition and with the battery fully charged) and all have proven to be consistent with what is declared by the manufacturer.
Following the runtime schemes for the Turbo, High and Middle levels

The body and materials
The Fenix TK25R is a real tactical flashlight in the 18650 format. The construction quality is excellent, the abundant thicknesses, the finishes with attention to the smallest details.

The optical part consists of a 1500lm Luminus SST40 LED, two auxiliary Cree XP-E2 LEDs (Red and Green) and an SMO / OP reflector

On the Fenix TK26R we have 3 different switches: two in the tail and one on the side.
The two switches in the tail (one mechanical and the other electronic) allow you to turn on the flashlight, change the output level, manage direct access to the strobe and the momentary-on. 

The side switch allows you, with a simple click, to change the color of the light: you can in fact switch from the white light of the main LED to the red and green colored light of the two auxiliary LEDs.

Inside the side switch there is a small colored status LED that returns information on the remaining capacity of the cell and on the progress of the recharge process.

On the opposite side of the side switch there is a TypeC port for quick battery charging.

With the flashlight also comes a 18650 3500mAh cell.

The anodizing is perfect, smooth and slightly opaque. The lettering is well done. On the central body there is a knurling process that improves grip and grip.

The threads are sliding and well lubricated but are not anodized. At the positive pole we have a small and rigid spring. At the negative pole, in addition to a spring, there are a series of gold-plated contacts.

In the hands the TK26R is comfortable to hold. Quickly activating the strobe for emergency situations is really a simple operation thanks to the dedicated button.

Bundled with the torch also comes a nylon holster, simple and minimal.

The belt clip is long and quite rigid, the grip on the clothes is excellent.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The main LED of the Fenix TK26R produces a wide, well-focused beam with a well-defined spot that allows you to illuminate well even at a distance of 100-200mt. 

The maximum declared light intensity is 30150 candles for a theoretical throw of 350mt. The tint is cool, not very cold, and uniform over the whole beam.

The auxiliary LEDs are bright enough to allow perfect lighting over short distances, even 20-30 meters. The red led has a slightly wider beam than the green one and is a little more common.

Following some night shots on the medium distance.

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2 

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Thanks for reading... Smile

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I can't see any pics.

They're being hosted on:


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