[Closed] Sofirn C01S with Nichia E21A 98CRI R9050/9080

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I’m up for it. Definitely in for 2000k tint.

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Interested in two – thanks!

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interested 4500K, and below.

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I’ll buy a 4500k if it start on low.

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Malkoff !

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I’d be interested in 2000K.

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Maukka did a bunch of testing on these emitters: http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1490768#comment-1490768

While all of them are good, the 4500k is the real prize. I’d prioritize getting those.

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Interested, as warm as possible in these please.

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Interested in 4500k

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Interested in 4500K here too.

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I’d be interested in the warmest tint possible. A dream light would be something smooth like a blf-348 in 1800k, but a C01 would be nice to use around the house as night.

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I’d be interested in 4500K with L-M-H mode sequence, no memory, always starting on low. Medium mode should be about 30lm. It would have to run well on AAA NiMH cells, and I’d want a reversible pocket clip so I could put it on the visor of my baseball cap as an impromptu headlamp.

Green tint would be a deal breaker Sick

I’m neutral on moonlight or firefly – I never use them, but wouldn’t object to their presence. I’m also neutral on 10440 support.

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interested 2000K – 4500K

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Maybe interested.

Best tints: 4500K, 3500K, 2000K
Very good tints: 5000K, 4000K, 3000K, 2700K
Good tints: 6500K, 5700K

Tint inferior to all other as of maukka’s tests (avoid): 2200K

For a complete range: 2000K, 3000K, 4500K, 6500K
For a practical range: 2700K, 3500K, 4500K, 5700K

Honestly, I’d buy all of them (except 2200K of course) Party

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I’d be 100% in to buy at least one of each/any tint that ends up getting put out. Would buy more if I liked the emitter. I haven’t used the E21A yet and these C01S lights are cheap enough I’d get one of each for experimentation’s sake. Been happy with all the other C01 variants thus far.

As for preferences, I’d prefer to see a L-M-H mode order, no memory, starting on a sub-lumen moonlight mode. I think the new 2 mode-group driver would be ideal. As far as optic vs. mule, whatever makes the beam have less tint-shift would be ideal. I liked the raw/no-ano models that have come out, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to more host colors, like OD green, purple, gold, or pink (not sure if any of those are common Sofirn colors that would be realistic, just ones I like).

10440 support is no deciding factor for me. cool to have it, but I don’t even own any 10440s yet so it wouldn’t be missed if it wasn’t there.

Ryzbor wrote:
oweban wrote:
If the 5000K option were 4500K I’d be all over all three…

5000K E21A D240 will have a green tint, 4500K E21A d220 will have a nice rosy tint. Choose wisely.

If this is the case, 4500K sounds preferable, as a rosy tint seems much nicer than greenish tints.

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4500K .. I’m in

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Nichia 219B

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In for 4500K with two-mode driver.

Smile, you cannot kill them all.

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This sounds definitely interesting. Depending on the price (is around $15 max reasonable?) I’m interested in at least one.

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  • 4500k-5700k tint
  • And 10440 support.
  • No need for magnet and tritium hole. Make it as compact as possible pls.
    Keep the pocket clip

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adam7027 wrote:
Maybe interested.

Best tints: 4500K, 3500K, 2000K
Very good tints: 5000K, 4000K, 3000K, 2700K
Good tints: 6500K, 5700K

Tint inferior to all other as of maukka’s tests (avoid): 2200K

For a complete range: 2000K, 3000K, 4500K, 6500K
For a practical range: 2700K, 3500K, 4500K, 5700K

Honestly, I’d buy all of them (except 2200K of course) Party

Maukka tested limited samples from single lots that Clemence ordered, and Clemence seems like he has a good connection somewhere in Nichia’s distribution chain to be able to consistently source hard-to-find emitters. So what Maukka tested might tell us very little about the tints of whatever lots Sofirn might get.

I’d recommend people just figure out what color temperatures they want. Bare minimum, the E21A is available in a wide range of CCT’s with stellar CRI. I would be careful about assuming what the DUV will be.

That said, I think Ryzbor is correct that the highest output bins, like D240 at 5000K, are more likely to have an unfavorable tint versus the next output bin down.

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2000k and 2700k for sure count me in.
If you can use C01R driver 3 modes

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interested on 2700k-4000k.Atleast 2 modes.

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Interested only with 3500 K.

I prefer two modes only.

I have used my Sofirb SF01A and C01S with 10440 and there have been not problems, sometimes but only a few seconds…

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Very interested.

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Very interest 2000k,please more recessed optic and add glass to protect optic from scratch