“REVIEW”: Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper – A Great Chapter in the ‘Tactical’ Flashlight’s World [Pic Heavy]

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“REVIEW”: Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper – A Great Chapter in the ‘Tactical’ Flashlight’s World [Pic Heavy]



SECTION 2 – The Fancy
“You Make My Nights Brighter! And Eventually My Days Too!”
“I’m Not Like The Others”
“(Un)Dress Me”
“You Need To Know How To Read…Me”
“Before You Give Me That Ring, You Gotta Turn Me On Big Smile
“Hold Me Tight”
“Weight Me Up And Take My Measures”
“Put The Finger In… The Ring! And More!”
“Do You Need Shackles To Lock Me?”
“You Got The Looks”
“Do You Like My Package, Or Do You Wanna See What I Have Inside?”

Section 1 – The Boring
“I Like It When You Touch My Buttons”
“Confess: You Think I’m Special”
“Is ‘Blushing’ A Bad Thing?”
“How Long Will You Hang On? Evil
“I’ll Open Myself With You”




I’ll start the review from the end! Beer



Be safe folks Wink Wear protection Evil

If after reading this you have questions or comments, let them come ! Thumbs Up

I want to thank Brinyte, and specially Kitty, for the opportunity to review this amazing flashlight! Great work once again on this light and I hope you can keep on this positive track Wink

Overall Appreciation

I’ll go straight to the point: the Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper is a great flashlight! Call it tactical or not, this is an awesome flashlight!!!

Is it “perfect”? I wouldn’t call it that, but it is:
- super well made
- great anodizing
- robust
- powerful
- well thought and perfected through the years (you can search for the “old” model online)
- “tactical” but also with good characteristics to be used non-tactical situations
- addictive Wink

Why wouldn’t I call it perfect?
Well, because of the only thing-I-would-definitely-improve it has, related the use of the SIDE SWITCH: long press to access Low mode, and long press to turn the light OFF if using that same switch. [read more on the USER INTERFACE part!]

And that’s it! It is the only thing I consider that can be improved! No, not even the tint shift on the beam due to the use of the Cree XHP35 HD Silly ( Why? Because this is not an indoor-let’s-go-hunt-white-walls-flashlight Big Smile )


SECTION 2 – The Fancy



As you perceived, this is not a suspense or thriller review ! So, there is nothing to hide, only things to show! Smile And now the following photos will show what this flashlight does with its Cool White Cree XHP35 HD emitter, under a nothing less but perfect SMO reflector!
Well, it shows a wide but at the same time “throwy” beam that reaches 300m without big issues on turbo! Thumbs Up

The hotspot is intense!


2m – 8m (garden chair)

2m – 70m (vineyard on the top of the street – as you can notice, the beam surpasses that limit :p)

2m – 90m (end of the field)

70m (tower)

77m (building)

95m (house)





280m (farthest houses)

So, you’ve seen what this flashlight does when it is used to for what it is supposed to: illuminate!! Silly

You may also want to know that it… doesn’t have PWM on its 4 regular modes:

And because the days can also get brighter with the PT18pro Wink



Yes, that’s a thing we do in our daily life: compare! We compare to each other, we compare others, we compare supermarket prices, we compare…whatever! To see what is better, to see what is prettier, to see what better suits our needs or goals.

That’s why we also compare flashlights, and that’s what I did with the PT18pro Oathkeeper, just to let “it” know that “it is not like the others” and that is character, that is personality, that is uniqueness Wink

Check how it looks like Silly

PT18pro > Klarus XT1C

PT18pro > Convoy S2+

PT18pro > Zanflare F1

PT18pro > Olight M2R Warrior

Brinyte Family PT1: PT18Pro > T28 Artemis > PT28

Brinyte Family PT2: PT18Pro > PT28

Brinyte Family PT3: PT18pro > T28 Artemis

Wuben T70 > T28 Artemis > PT18pro > PT28

Wuben T70 > T28 Artemis > PT18pro > PT28 > Zanflare F1 > Olight M2R Warriorr > Convoy S2+ > Klarus XT1C



A good flashlight must be protected! But it must be also be ready to use! Just like a knife, a pen, the brain, …anything that we need to use suddenly!
That is why Brinyte made an extraordinary holster to dress this flashlight for the moments when you need it close to you! And you can undress it whenever you need Wink

Sorry, this is perhaps auto-plagiarism, but I will quote myself from another thread
This is a:

MascaratumB wrote:
great, sturdy, practical flashlight holster.

+ It is tough and +very robust, to protect the flashlight!

+ It has a hole on the top to access the flashlight button!

+ It has a hole on the bottom to be able to shine the light even if it is in the holster!

+ It has a “pocket” where a battery or a smaller flashlight can be carried!

+ The attaching belt clip allows the flashlight holster to rotate 360º, providing illumination “from the belt” and also allowing to draw the flashlight from several positions!

- It has a con: there is a space to fit the tactical ring, but it is only on one side. So, for some people it may be bad thing , because it may not be as practical as for others. I still find it useful, though.



We read a lot these days, don’t we? If you are reading this, it is a signal that you know how to read! And if you understand this it means you have some knowledge in English language Grad

Those who did the Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper User Manual also know English, because it was considerably well written! For a wide audience that likes and uses tactical flashlights, it should be like this, and fortunately, it is a well done, very explained and well written manual! (yeah, some mistakes/errors are also there, but you know what they want to say, so don’t be picky Silly )

Don’t believe? Check it below Wink
And it has diagrams too Silly



That’s what it is! You can’t always go straight to the point, you need to make a “warm up”! And this section talks about the three…*rings*! Silly
The ones that you can use to replace the original o-rings your PT18pro comes with!
You can place it on the battery tube, and also outside the tailcap to hold the metal tactical ring in place, preventing scratchs on the edge of the flap where it sits.
Oh and…the rings are already lubricated… Silly

This section also mentions that blue pill cell that makes the “light power up”!!! I am talking about the IMR18650 3100mAh 3.6V 1132Wh Brinyte branded battery.

I’ll quote myself once again – with slight changes, after all I am the author Big Smile – , from another thread :

MascaratumB wrote:
It arrived protected by a with piece of paper/plastic to prevent accidental activation or battery drain during shipping.

This cell is longer than unprotected batteries and, according to the user manual, it is the one recommended for this flashlight. I believe it may be a high drain battery, adequate to the drain this flashlight provokes.

When placed inside the flashlight, it protrudes a bit. As example, an unprotected Sony VTC6 sits right on the border of the battery tube. It weighs around 48grams. The weight of a soul Wink

Hope this blue pill cell get the “job done” Innocent

And besides the ring and the cell, imagine that this section also mentions…the cable! The charging cable Silly

Some more auto-quoting :

MascaratumB wrote:
[…] the charging cable is around 1m long, it has a USB port to connect to a power source, and the magnetic tip shines blue. It will attach to the flashlight’s port, but it must be precisely attached so that the battery charges. If the led indicator is orange, something is not right…

More on the led indicator and charging process…later, in a boring chapter Silly



You never know when a request like this may happen! So, you gotta be prepared!!
What would you do? Of course: go to the pocket and grab the…*paracord lanyard with lobster clasp* that is on the list of accessories that the PT18pro Oathkeeper brings in the package Wink

And next, you make sure you put it in you flashlight, on the pocket clip, on the tactical ring, on the tailcap, on the cigar grip ring…well, wherever it fits and helps you holding it tight…or loose Silly

Why write again if it was already written ? Silly

MascaratumB wrote:
Looking at the “paracord lanyard” it’s made of camouflage green/light brown/bege/black paracord rope, it is adjustable to fit the hand, and has a lobster clasp in the tip. This clasp can be attached to the tailcap flaps, the pocket clip or, if used/adapted differently, to the tactical ring itself. It is around 45cm long.



You know what this is all about, right? Wink

And…despite you can feel it in different ways, it has some official measurements and weight!
164mm (length) x 25.4mm (body) x 41mm (head) ///// 170g



Of course, I am talking about the tactical ring, the cigar grip ring and the pocket clip!

The tactical ring is considered a gift that accompanied this flashlight and for that I do appreciate Brinyte’s attention! Wink
It is made of metal and has a pointy side!

MascaratumB wrote:
The tactical ring fits in 2 directions: or towards the side-switch side, or towards the magnetic charging port. Inside the ring there are 2 diametrically opposed “bumps” to fit the tailcap.

NOTE: The tactical ring can only be placed in position IF the “cigar grip ring” is also in place. Otherwise, it will not stay still. It also needs the thick o-ring to make it stay in place!

The pocket clip :

MascaratumB wrote:
The pocket clip is not a deep carry pocket clip, but it has good retention and provides good carry!

The cigar grip ring is also made of metal, it has a hole to put a lanyard. It can be used without the tactical ring and without the pocket clip. It is held in place by 2 o-rings that stay between it and the cigar grip ring.




The electronic lock-out function only prevents the use of the SIDE SWITCH. The other switches are still usable. When locked out, clicking the side switch will show 5 blinks in the switch led indicator.
To prevent the use of the PRIMARY and TAIL SIDE switches, one must unscrew the tailcap.

How to activate/de-activate “e-lock out”?
1 – triple click the side switch from OFF: the flashlight will blink 2 times and the side switch will then be locked/unlocked, depending on the previous state.

2 – while locked, _turn the flashlight ON through the primary tailswitch for 5 seconds _: after this, the side switch will be ready do use and will turn ON in the last used level (in case you changed modes through the combination explained in the action 10)

NOTE: the lock-out mode will automatically activate if the flashlight is OFF for 1 minute.


The Location Led is “located” in the side switch. It is the same led that is used to indicate the battery level or the charging state. If you want to locate the flashlight in the darkness, you can leave it ON. If not, you can disable it.

How to activate/de-activate the “location led”?
1 – turn the flashlight ON through the primary switch + press & hold the side switch for 10 seconds: during this time the flashlight will blink 2 times, depending on the previous state, the location led will be turned ON or OFF.



Before checking the looks, you need to put the words to function Wink
This is a description and also appreciation of the flashlight!! (and yes, I will some of the text I also used for the PT28 Oathkeeper Silly )

The PT18pro Oathkeeper is a great flashlight! It is not small as other tactical lights (my comparison is the Olight M2R Warrior), but it is a strong and sturdy flashlight!
It has really good construction quality, that is also perceivable when you touch the flashlight! You feel it will be powerful! On its range, of course Wink

It has great and soft anodizing (matte), no “edgy” knurling, attractive lines, excellent overall quality and functioning!

The flashlight is composed by 2 main parts: head/battery tube and tailcap. Both the head and battery tube are glued to the head and I didn’t try to dismantle it!

However, the crenulated bezel can be unscrewed and detached from the flashlight if you want! For lens protection reasons, I don’t advise doing it! Also, the bumps on it allow seeing the light if it is laying on a surface. The bezel also has 2 engravings: serial number and the “sample not for sale” engravings.

Battery positive goes towards the head, negative towards the tailcap!

The head has some stripper and some “chocolate tablet knurling”. It is not a striking bezel, but…it can be, in case you need to break a glass!

The glass lens is AR Coated in rosy tone (or so it seems). The reflector is perfectly smooth and the emitter inside is a Cool White CREE XHP35 HD. This originates some tint shift in the beam, that is more noticeable in the non-turbo modes. But for an outdoor flashlight, I don’t care much for it!! (maybe I am getting insensitive? Shocked )

Still on the head, we can find 2 engravings on the rounded areas: on the one side, the flashlight’s brand and Brinyte’s website address, and on the other side, the flashlight’s model.

On the flat areas, on the one side we have the side electronic switch, and on the other side we have the +magnetic charging port +.

The side switch has a led in the centre that will light green, orange or red (depending on the battery level, and on the charging process), when the flashlight is turned ON or the flashlight is charging.

On the battery tube, we find a typical Brinyte knurling constituted by 3 “petals (on each side) that are “carved” in low relief.

The rest of the tube is flat and soft, except in the part where the pocket clip fits (in the lower part of the battery tube).
The battery tube also has a part where the cigar grip ring fits, and it is held in place by 2 thick o-rings that stay between the ring and the tube. Similarly to the PT28 Oathkeeper, on my sample, the “petals” knurling is not completely aligned with the flat areas of the head. It doesn’t affect the function, just the looks!

The cigar grip ring is what holds the tactical ring in place (along with an o-ring), otherwise this couldn’t be used!

Through the battery tube we see: an inner tube (to conduce the signal from tail to driver) and a strong double golden spring. On the tube we also see the nice square threads, that arrived slightly lubricated, and an o-ring.

The tailcap has some “chocolate tablet knurling” more or less similar to the one in the head: it is taller and narrower, but also made by squares. It has 2 white arrows indicating the place where the tactical ring must fit. There, the knurling line is slightly larger/deeper, although barely noticeable. There is also a groove where the thick o-ring will fit, to prevent the tactical ring to rattle or oscilate.

We also have 1 “flap” with a hole for a lanyard. The tailcap is inclined and doesn’t allow tailstanding due to its dual switches format! The tail side switch is held in place by a metal plate with 2 screws (hex key)
The rubber cap of the primary switch is tough, allowing a good and effective press. It doesn’t have the Brinyte logotype shape.

Inside the tailcap there are also double springs sustained by a structure with bras and plastic that can be removed, but that I didn’t dismantle.

If the tailcap is slightly untightened, it will cut the power to the flashlight (preventing accidental activations).



Honestly? The package is normal! What’s inside, on the contrary, was a good surprise! You probably noticed along this way, right? Big Smile

The Brintyte PT18pro Oathkeeper is presented as a “Dual Tail Switches Tactical light”!
It exists on a “desert tan” version! Nice one too Wink

Being a “review/not for sale” item, this flashlight was not packaged in the premium box showed in Brinyte’s website. So, the light and accessories arrived in a unbranded cardboard box with some protective foam, and almost all the elements were inside plastic bags.

Inside I found the Brintyte PT18pro Oathkeeper, with included Tactical ring, cigar grip ring and pocket clip, and also an included IMR18650 3100mAh 3.6V 1132Wh Brinyte branded battery, a 1m USB to magnetic charging cable, 3 spare o-rings, a camo paracord lanyard with lobster clasp, a Brinyte branded holster, and the User Manual.


SECTION 1 – The Boring



We had to come to this point, eventually, because it is when the things really happen Party

So, what am I talking about? Yes, the User Interface. But first a teaser !

Yes, that’s how you touch the buttons Silly
But…do you really know how to do it effectively? Believe me, this flashlight is full or nuances Wink

This flashlight has 3 swicthes: 2 on the tailcap (tail primary and tail side switch), 1 on the side!
Let’s see how to use them!

It is a forward clicky switch. It allows momentary ON mode. The action on this switch can be combined with actions in the other 2 switches to change modes, as I’ll explain below. It is a protruding switch, easily reachable.

This is an electronic switch and has the main functions to activate the Strobe and/or change modes (when combined with the primary tailswitch).
It is also placed in the tailcap but in “diagonal” position, not being at the same level of the primary tailswitch. It is easily reachable as the tailcap form is good to place the thumb and to press both switches without issues or confusions.

This is an electronic switch, that is placed in the head. This switch’s button has a led indicator inside it, that is used to indicate battery level, charging state and other actions in the flashlight.
The action on this switch can only be combined with the primary tailswitch, when this last one is activated first.

Now you know the buttons you’ll have to touch! I’ll explain how they act now!

Regular modes cycle goes Low > Medium > High > Turbo
Special modes are Strobe (double frequency) and SOS
Memory is hybrid as you’ll see below
Electronic lock-out function is also a feature of the PT18pro


PRIMARY TAILSWITCH Actions and combinations
1 – half press the primary switch from OFF: momentary ON (default)
2 – half press the primary switch from ON: nothing happens

3 – full click the primary switch from OFF: turns the flashlight ON in Turbo mode (default)
4 – full click the primary switch from ON: turns the flashlight OFF

5 – half press the primary switch from OFF + clicking the tail side switch: flashlight turns momentary ON in Turbo and the clicks make it gow Turbo > Low > Medium > High > Turbo… [release button to turn OFF]
6 – half press the primary switch from OFF _ + _press 2 seconds the tail side switch: flashlight turns momentary ON in Turbo and after the press it enters momentary Strobe (doing a full click on the primary switch, Strobe mode gets locked/continuous)

7 – half press the primary switch from OFF + clicking the side switch: flashlight turns momentary ON in Turbo and the clicks make it go Turbo > Low > Medium > High > Turbo… [release button to turn OFF]
8 – half press the primary switch from OFF + double click the side switch: flashlight turns momentary ON in Turbo and after the double click it enters momentary Strobe (doing a full click on the primary switch, Strobe mode gets locked/continuous)

When the light is ON activated by the PRIMARY TAILSWITCH (action 3):
9 – click the tail side switch: cycles through regular modes Turbo > Low > Medium > High > Turbo…
10 – press 2 seconds the tail side switch: flashlight enters continuous Strobe (a single click goes back to last used mode)

11 – clicking the side switch: cycles through regular modes Turbo > Low > Medium > High > Turbo…
12 – double click the side switch: flashlight enters continuous Strobe (another double click from Strobe enters SOS; a single click goes back to last regular used mode)


13 – press the tail side switch from OFF: momentary Strobe

NOTE 1: all the other actions of this switch are done in combination with the other switches and will be indicated on their topics (above and below).


SIDE SWITCH [ all actions below are doable only when the flashlight is unlocked ]
14 – click the side switch from OFF: turns the flashlight ON in Turbo mode (default)
15 – clicking the side switch from ON: cycles through regular modes Turbo > Low > Medium > High > Turbo…
16 – double click the side switch from ON: flashlight enters continuous Strobe (another double click from Strobe enters SOS; a single click goes back to last regular used mode)

17 – press 2 seconds the side switch from OFF: turns the flashlight ON in Low mode
18 – press 2 seconds the side switch from ON: turns the flashlight OFF

a) if the flashlight is turned ON by the side switch, pressing the primary or the tail side switches will turn the flashlight OFF
b) if the flashlight is turned ON by the side switch, full clicking the primary tailswitch will turn the flashlight ON in Turbo. Full clicking again turns the flashlight OFF. Clicking the side switch cycles through modes (action 11)

But, well, if you don’t like the “bla-bla-bla” here’s what you need to do to “operate” the light Silly

If you touch the buttons correctly it will…

Big Smile



Some specifications, as pointed out by the manufacturer! If you think this is not a special flashlight…well, you are in your right! Silly

But I think it is a “special one” Big Smile

Body Colour: Black
Material: Aircraft-grade high strength aluminium AL-6061-T6 / Type III military hard anodized anti-abrasive finish ( Shocked )
Emitter: Cree XHP35 (Cool White)
Lens: Glass, AR Coated
Battery: 1 × 18650 / 2x CR123a (2.8-6.0V)
Switches: Forward Clicky Switch (primary) + Electronic Tail Switch (tail side) + Electronic Side Switch (side switch)
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes (I also tested: battery reversed, no heating, no light)
Low Voltage Warning: Yes
Max runtime: 1870 minutes
Max beam distance: 360m
Max output: 2000 lumens
Candela: 32000 candela
Waterproofness: IP68
Impact resistance: 1m

- Overcharge, over-discharge and over-heat protection
- Intelligent battery power indicator

NOTE: these are the specs as provided by the manufacturer!



You know, if it turns red…it may be blushing Blushing or it may be getting furious Angry

In this case, what does it mean when the led indicator changes colours?! Flat Stare
Well, it is quite simple:
As for the charging process:
RED: charging
GREEN: charging completed
ORANGE: something is not right (check if the battery is in the right position, if the tailcap is tightened, if the charging cable is placed correctly, …)

- If you are charging the battery, you can still use the flashlight, but only in Low mode.
- If you have the charging cable (powered) plugged into the charging port with no battery inside, the flashlight can be turned ON in low mode.I do not advise doing this, as the flashlight starts making a weird noise!!

As for the battery indicator:
- 100%-70%: Constant green
- 70%-30%: Constant orange
- 30%-10%: Constant red
- <10%: Blinking red

So, yeah, blush is not bad, but turning red may be a signal that you are…crossing a line Silly



Yes, this is the output & runtime section!!! Just because…you’ll get drained somewhere in the way Wink

These are based on the specs given by the manufacturer!

Low: +- 31hours
Medium: +- 15,5hours
High: +-2.5 hours
Turbo: +- 1,51hours

I also did a small test:
Starting temperature 26,1ºC.

Time Temperature ºC Lux (at 2,30m)
20s 32ºC 6905
1m 37,7ºC 6159
1m30s 39,8ºC 5478
2m30s 44,4ºC 5434
3m 46,2ºC 5414
3m30s 48ºC 5486
4m 49ºC 5494

The lux values are merely indicative, they don’t represent accurate measurements!
At the 1m, the output decreased a little bit, and then it kept stable for the 3 following minutes. If I can, I’ll retest this later for a longer period of time!
The temperature rose a little bit and made it…hoooot, despite it could still be handled. The initial boost of 2000lumens makes it get really warm fast (nothing like an Emisar D4, though Silly ).




This was my review of the Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper!

The flashlight and accessories were sent to me by Brinyte, for review purpose, after answering this thread

The PT18pro Oathkeeper can be found in Brinyte store (all links are NOT affiliated):
Price, atm, is 135$ + shipping!

You can also check Brinyte website for more info on this and other flashlights: http://www.brinyte.com/product/PT18pro-Oathkeeper-black.html

In this review I will presented the flashlight and its features the in a fancy, boring and unbiased way!

You can also check for some more information in other online reviews:
The prototype version from 2018 (with USB-C charging Facepalm ):
sacrileizei: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/62500

New version
roma58: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/72768
Flashaholics: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/72977 /
Vietnam Reviews: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/72266

Scannerguy1968: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4seHU1xQCc
JIUJITSU2000: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFUC9fjlMPI

And in Brinyte YT channel, search for it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXFi_D-DgLun3w6F4XgIGrA/videos

Disclosure: I paid the shipping for both lights on DHL; I received the tracking number on the 24th June, the package was shipped on HK on the 27th and it arrived on the 29th June Thumbs Up




Thumbs Up

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Thanks for your review! Thumbs Up Big Smile

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This part is dedicated to some beamshot comparison between the 2 Brinyte flashlights I recently reviewed: the PT18pro Oathkeeper (LEFT) and the PT28 Oathkeeper (RIGHT) .

These are mostly outdoor and tactical flashlights, and in my humble opinion, they do a great job outside.
Against a white wall, the beams show some rings and tint shifts, but in outdoor environment those aspects don’t really show up.
The leds are Cool White so don’t expect High CRI rendition. However, you can expect some throw and some flood, which vary depending on the model.

Also, the PT18pro has a more intense hospot (due to the bigger SMO reflector) while still having a large spill!

Thanks for watching! Beer

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CRX wrote:
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Saw what I did there? Big Smile

Thanks mate Thumbs Up

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Lots of text, fun, and pictures! 

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ChibiM wrote:

Lots of text, fun, and pictures! 

Yeah, and I guess I must start “chopping” the text and photos I guess…

Trying to describe the light and at the same time give an opinion seems to be too much to read Tired
I must only decide which one to keep Oops

Thanks for watching ChibiM Thumbs Up