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Olight I5T

I recently purchased the AA 15T from Amazon on a lightning deal.

There were no extra O-rings in the box .

I contacted O-light asking if they could send me a spare (I like to have backups for everything) . This was their response

“We have followed up your issue and asked colleagues in the technical department, they do not have additional O-rings.”

They said the flashlight is covered by their 5 year warranty or I could return it to Amazon for a refund .

How do they not have spare O-rings ?

Not the end of the world , but I don’t think I am out of line asking for an extra O-ring . I like the flashlight but I am tempted to send it back . A 20 something dollar AA flashlight ought to come with an extra O-ring or two .

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As far as I remember, none of my Olights had spare o-rings, so maybe it is a company’s policy – not sending o-rings!
Also, as you said you like to have some spare o-rings, maybe you have some spare rings that you can use on that flashlight instead of having the trouble to sending it back.

Honestly, I guess I only had to replace 1 or 2 o-rings (for malfunction/ desintegration) during these years in my lights. I have dozens of o-rings laying around that I’ll probably never use for their original purpose. Their o-rings are thick and normally don’t get damaged that easily, just be sure you lubricate them well !

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Yet another reason to go with the cheaper chinese lights on Bangood . They are far superior, and cheaper. Not to mention, they typically come with extra o-rings.

This is $12 with coupon. Pick a color:

Astrolux A02

Package included:

1 x Flashlight

1 x Holding clip

1 x Packing box

2 x Waterproof ring

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The Tool AA is a better choice if you’re wanting to Mod it

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yea for some reason newer olights dont come with this, i know many years ago like the m10 maverick u got spare o-rings and rubber boots as extra… weird they stopped… never hurts having spares.

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