**NEW** Fenix LR35R

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**NEW** Fenix LR35R

Twin 21700 4000mAh, 6x Luminus SST40s, 5.5” long, 10000 lumens @ 1640ft throw. 10000 in turbo mode obv. USB C direct to body charge port. $200 USD. Pretty crazy specs….releases next month.


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Interesting for sure. I think it would be better if they used 6x W2. Would have more than twice the throw. USB-C is also nice but I’m afraid the UI will be click and hold to turn-off.

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SST40 is a great compromise for a nice wide throw, and with these small reflectors, might be a nice wall of light. I have the Wildtrail D80v2 with an SST40 in it. One of my favorite lights. Have no use for pencil beams.

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Turbo – 10000 Lumens (1hr 25min)
High – 3000 Lumens (1hr 35min)

With only 10 minutes difference between Turbo and High, I am pretty sure the turbo does not really last that long. Maybe you can only use it for few seconds just for bragging.
After that “Overheat Protection” will kick in and lowers the output.
It’s probably worse than my LD42 which from the start only last around 2 minutes in turbo. After that “Overheat Protection” kicks in and lowers output around mid level, and then switch back and forth between mid and turbo more or less every 20 seconds. So turbo mode is totally useless if I want to use it for a walk around the lake at night.

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On an Chinese forum they did two runs with and without cooling and the outcomes were:


 1. With cooling the flashlight settles at around 4.000 lumen which is maintained untill approximately 35 minutes after initial Turbo activation.


 2. Without cooling the flashlight settles at around 2.500 lumen which is maintained untill approximately 75 minutes after initial Turbo activation.


Both "cycles" are ended with a stepdown sequence thru the lower levels that lasts around 10 minutes or so ..... which means that there is kind of a "notificatiion" before darkness sets in.


External links with thanks to the Baidu Flashlight Cummunity and the poster ZD.






Update: (7/3/2020)


A little video preview of the beamprofile belonging to the Fenix LR35R (external link to video download or copy/paste into player > mp4 / size: 41,6 MB)


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Mine hits 10000 lumens at startup.

At 1 minute 20, it drops to less than 4000 lumens.

At the 5 minute mark it is about 2500 lumens.

From 10 minutes it's about 2000 lumens.

And output stays between 1600 and 2000 lumens for 1 hour and 37 minutes.

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I like the looks of this, it reminds me of the old EagleTac M3C4 lights. Like a AR mag meeting a flashlight.