EDSG 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest (Handmade) Pipe Dream

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MRsDNF wrote:
You wore it out? Nice effort. Smile

I think so it was a bit weird from the start it wouldn’t thread on proper you had to angle it and now the original tail cap wont even hold the retaining ring in. The new one holds the retaining ring fine so i guess it wasn’t really me but maybe to much playing around with it made it worse?

Steel will wear away brass right?

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Might have just been a dodgy cap to begin with, there is usually some variance in the thread cuts with these type of fittings. Electrical lock rings are the worst, always a couple get tossed from every new box.

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Like CRX said. Could also just be very large tolerances in the threads as well.


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I know this is way late, but obviously I saw this from the 2020 contest posting and was browsing through the links provided by the OP and, I have to say, this is amazing. I am a newbie, I am slightly “handy” as in a have a SMALL, home shop woodworking shop and some basic metal tools and have only been into flashlights for 6 months but I wanted to consider this contest, and you have inspired me to maybe give it a go. I still know very little about electronics. Amazing Job!

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