Seeknite = Convoy?

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Seeknite = Convoy?

I just saw a few new flashlights at Banggood, and I assumed they were Convoys, but when I looked at the name they said: Seeknite. 

I mean, they are literally the same lineup, not just 1, but 5.


Do you think they are clones or they are just rebranded Convoy flashlights? 

If they are indeed rebranded Convoys (with the same quality as Convoy), how can we know they aren't just knock offs?

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Simon has created a tremendous success with Convoy, but he may now be plagued by the imitators trying to capitalize on his creativity. Personally, I’ll continue supporting him even if his ‘brand name’ products are a couple of dollars more, more out of respect for his initiative.

He made solid, quality flashlights affordable for many of us. That’s worthy of respect.

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I would say some kind of “imitation”.

You ‘ll also find some “Wainlight”, “Manta Ray”, “Ekoras”, “Courui”, “DanceLite” models looking like Convoy, in terms of hosts (at AliExpress). Inner parts are normally different.

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I was thinking maybe Seeknite is just a different branding, but it might just be a clone. 

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Utorch did this just a year or so ago. If they weren’t actual Convoy’s, I couldn’t tell. All Convoy parts fit it. They were dirt cheap at the time. $5 or $6 dollars. The driver wasn’‘t great and I replaced them with Biscotti drivers but, I have a bunch of them now all over the house and tool boxes and whatnot.

See if one of the affiliate guys can get you a coupon for them.

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Yep. Clones. It’s China so not surprising. As was mentioned, there are clones of everything. I think the M21A is cloned by other places as well. Same with the S2. The issue is quality control…you don’t always get what you pay for. If it looks like a Convoy and smells like a Convoy, doesn’t mean it’s a Convoy.

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Glad I found this thread. Link in OP leads to 404 so not sure if I am linking to the same or a different light, but I was looking this up and down last night:

SEEKNITE A01 SST20 1050LM 7135*8 Compact AA EDC Flashlight T2 Tactical Flashlight Memory Function Mini LED Torch – SST20 4000K

and the description makes no sense to me. It appears similar to the Convoy T2, but specs are wildly different. Obviously, a AA can not drive 7135×8 to over 1000Lm and I’m not even sure a 1.xV AA can even fire this thing, but I know the T2 has PWM in the lower modes, and I don’t expect the Seeknite A01 to use PWM in any mode. Perhaps this is a Li-ion 14500 light only. But the UI instructions could not be correct, and if they are, they’re a bit silly. But for $13, what the heck? I intend to buy after looking a few weeks at Banggood to pad my order a bit.

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Sneeklite.. lol. typical

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I just made a comment on the Fin17 deals thread that it is not ethical to write the Convoy equivalent model name to the Seeknite clones being advertised unless Convoy are actually manufacturing them.