Review: Nitecore TIP SE (700 lumens, Type-C, Neutral white!)

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Review: Nitecore TIP SE (700 lumens, Type-C, Neutral white!)

Previous summer. Nitecore release Nitecore TIP2, an updated version of bestseller, Nitecore TIP.

TIP2 performed really good in my review , in fact it was brightest keylight on the market. Some weeks ago Nitecore released TIP SE, which combines design of the classic TIP with the enormous brightness of TIP2. So, hope my review will help you to pick model which is best for your needs and budget.

you can buy TIP2 at :
NITETORCH they generously offered 20% code HJK5KDNQ valid for all the items in store, including other brands


Box is pleasant to look at, it will definitely not be a shame to give TIP SE as a gift. The package, like flashlight itself, is a mixture of TIP2 and TIP`s boxes design.

Set is simple: flashlight, manual, warranty card, ring with carabiner. I think that it would be justified to put, if not a short type-c cable, then at least an adapter from micro-usb to type-c.

Someone, I’m sure, will think the flashlight is too big. But personally, I have been using the similarly sized keylight for many years and do not feel any inconvenience in comparison with the classic AAA model. In general, it’s a matter of taste. U can feel some kind of inconvenience only with plastic clip is on.

However, if you still do not consider the flashlight as a keylight, then it will 100% fit into the smallest pocket, and at the same time you will be able to count on the light, which in most cases will be enought both in terms of brightness and runtime

Those, who prefer to use the Nitecore Tip as a super compact EDC flashlight can clip it to their pocket. Clip, by the way, in case of need, makes it possible to attach a flashlight to a baseball cap and get a kind headlamp.

Design has remained basically the same. Nitecore added type-c plug and two LEDs. As I said – a mixture of classic TIP and TIP2

No gaps, backlashes, stamping defects – everything is extremely neat. The flashlight feels good in your hands and does not leave a feeling of being cheap. And if you take it apart, you can see that everything is neat inside.

Both LEDs are mounted on a thick copper MCPB, which is too small for such a huge brightness. And the contact area of ​​the ends of this copper plate is also very small. The conclusion is simple -dont abuse turbo mode

There are two moderately tight buttons. You can place a clip abpove them to prevent accidentlal pressing.

Replacing the usual micro-USB with Type-C is a small but nice improment. Plug is exposed. You can cover it only with a clip. Alas, if you do not use it and carry a flashlight with the keys, all kinds of dirt will get into plug.

Here it is worth buying a penny set of type-C plugs on aliexpress. For example these ones

There is a simple red-green charging indication. 0.5A current is quite decent for such a capacity. There is 600mah on photo, but this is expected with losses during charging. BTW, i noticed that TIP SE can fully work while being charged!

There are pair of TIR-lenses with Osram LED beneath each one.

That, in fact, is all. Everything is good at this point


Quite convenient control with instant access to the lowest and highest brightness. That’s just due to the fact that the big one here is really big, I would definitely add a blocking function. Locking with a clip will not be convenient for everyone.

How nitecore TIP SE illuminates.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a good color temperature of about 5500K, which was unexpected for Nitecore, in contrast to CW light they use in each model.

The light distribution is purely floody, which is quite logical and convenient for this type of flashlight. The hot spot is visible in the photo only because the camera transmits light differently than the eye sees.

Although, I think, since there are two lenses, it might be justified to mix them: install one flody and one throwy. But they are good as is.

At the same time, you can see that a very small plug-in flashlight gives light comparable to a full-size 18650.

As with the TIP2, the Nitecore SE has fully stabilized brightness. And in High mode (180 lumens) it is brighter than any classic AAA keylight

Even this brightness (which can be clearly seen in the photo), is quite enough to illuminate road ahead of you.

I must mention – sometimes my review example performs strange when i turn turbo mode on. It starts on at a level of about 1.5x High mode. I have to skip all the modes in a circle to get the declared full turbo. What caused this is unclear. However, such brightness of about 250 lumens is also not really good for lots of needs.

I strongly doubt that you will be able to keep the flashlight in your bare hands all the time you work in the turbo, it heats up quite well. And in general, you should not abuse this mode.
Usually a minute or less is enough for all needs.

here is video review. I`m simply sooo run out of time to make version in english, so there is only russian version. but once you have eyes that see, you dont have to understand все то, что я говорю в обзоре to see how this flashlight works -) Next Nitecore review will, of course, be in english version as well.


TIP SE is definitely more interesting than TIP2. It has almost the same maxinum brightness, but light color temperature is definetely better, it is no longer cold white.

Instead of the classic micro USB, flashlight got Type-C.

The size of the flashlight allows you to use it as keylight. And the only drawback here is next: when clip is on ( to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the charge port) it may be not that comfortable to carry TIP SE in pocket along with keys as clip definitely adds some extra size.

On the other hand, you can simply blow out all the dust from charge port and forget about putting clip on.

And if you really want to use TIP2 like separate flashlight then it becomes an super-compact EDC. For an hour and a half, it will give you light, which is more than enough to illuminate the road in front of you.

And when needed, you can count on brightness comparable to a full-size 18650 flashlight. And it won’t be a decorative turbo blitz.

The clip, if desired, will allow you to attach flashlight on the cap and it will be, if not the most convenient, but very lightweight and long-lasting headlamp.

As for the cons:

a) I do not see any reason not to have lock mode here.

b) $ 30 is $ 30. A lot of people simply cannot imagine how anyone can spend more than $ 10 for a flashlight. And certainly not everyone will be ready to buy Nitecore TIP SE, because you can buy about 3 Nitecore Tubes for price of TIP SE. But if you want maximum output with minimum size, then TIP SE is for you. Anyway, that is normal price for such model. I only mean that this may discourage some regular users.

c) an incomprehensible situation with the turbo, which in my case sometimes turned on at lower brightness levels.

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Nitecore have a history of issues with lockout mode. I’ve got two original TIP’s that are unused for that reason, and I’ve not bought another Nitecore light since then.

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Thanks for the review and for opening the light! Seems like it wouldn’t an inhuman effort to mod those leds Wink