Best holster/pouch for a Seeker 2?

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Best holster/pouch for a Seeker 2?

So I got a BNIB Olight seeker 2 for 65 bucks today (seller actually only wanted 60 figured since he was ice id add the extra 5 bucks)

It didn’t come with a holster/pouch for it

Id like one that has a flap that goes over the top and possibly a belt loop.

Believe this is a 5” light.

I plan to keep it in my pocket and would like the holster to help it not get beat on so much.

Anybody know of a clip that’s made for these too?

Thanks in advance

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Here is the pocket clip: Seeker 2 Pocket Clip

and Holster: Seeker 2 Holster

If $10 is too much for a holster, here is a $2 holster that fits. Select the MEDIUM holster here: Sofirn Light Holsters